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a word to the wise is sufficient

Someone who is wise heeds a warning or a piece of advice, even if it is very brief. The shorter phrase, "a word to the wise," is more common. I heard about a terrible traffic jam on the news, so I'm avoiding the highway. A word to the wise is sufficient! A: "Don't bother trying to sneak out—Mom and Dad will catch you every time. Take it from someone who was grounded a lot!" B: "Yeah, I don't want that. Thanks, a word to the wise is sufficient!" No, a word to the wise is sufficient—I won't overload the printer anymore.
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Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

There are enough burdens, concerns, and troubles that occur in the present without worrying about those that will or may occur in the future. The phrase comes from the Sermon on the Mount in the Bible. Don't waste your time and energy worrying about what might go wrong. Just focus on every step of the project as it occurs. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. In trying to legislate for problems down the line, many of which may never even come to pass, the government is failing those who need help right now. This protest march is thus being held to remind them that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
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Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Prov. You should not worry about things that might happen in the future.; It is enough to worry about things that are happening today. (Biblical.) Jane: I can't get to sleep; I keep thinking about the interview I have to do tomorrow. Alan: If the interview is tomorrow, worry about it tomorrow. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

word to the wise (is enough).

 and A word to the wise is sufficient.
Prov. You only have to hint something to wise people in order to get them to understand it.; Wise people do not need long explanations. (Often used to signal that you are hinting something.) John's a pleasant man, but I wouldn't trust him with money. A word to the wise, eh? Donna hinted about Lisa's drinking problem to Lisa's fiancé, hoping that a word to the wise would be enough.
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For example, a large dollar amount of sales volume in a State attributable to only one or two sales of expensive items of equipment would likely not be sufficient.
More importantly, the existence of a pattern of branching necessary and sufficient conditions is not sufficient for causation.
Electron and light microscope techniques were successfully used to determine the morphology of DVAs (TPVs); the combination of [OsO.sub.4] and [RuO.sub.4] staining helped to locate the polymer domains in triblends (PP/CIIR or BIIR/EPDM) in the electron microscope and the differences in refractive index between the different polymer phases (PP/CR/CIIR) were used to form sufficient contrast in the phase contrast light microscope.
Brandon Rivera, 19, of 156 Orchard Hill Dr., Oxford, charged with driving with a suspended license, to be dismissed upon payment $100 court costs; license not in possession, dismissed; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (motorcycle), dismissed; resisting arrest, admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 3 months; refusal to produce license/registration, admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 3 months; miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation, responsible, filed; 2 counts driving an unregistered motor vehicle, responsible, filed; driving an uninsured motor vehicle, admitted to sufficient facts, continued without a finding 3 months; motorcycle equipment violation, not responsible.
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Ideally, work should provide sufficient income to support us and our families at least in decent comfort.
The first Guideline provision states that ownership of real or tangible personal property in the taxing state is sufficient to create "physical presence" and, therefore, "substantial nexus." In general, courts have held that ownership of real or tangible personal property consistently located or maintained within the taxing state is sufficient to create "substantial nexus." For instance, in National Geographic Society v.
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Do we ever have sufficient reason to embrace a particular moral or scientific belief considering that this belief will probably retain its plausibility only for so long?
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Cosmic rays pierce Earth's atmosphere with sufficient energy to leave a cascade of charged particles in their wake.