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an elegant sufficiency

An adequate amount, typically in the context of food. Thanks to all of your generous donations, we have an elegant sufficiency to bring down to the homeless shelter. No second helpings for me, please—I've already had an elegant sufficiency. Look at this spread! There's certain an elegant sufficiency of dishes to choose from.
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(a) gracious plenty

 and an elegant sufficiency
Euph. enough (food). No more, thanks. I have a gracious plenty on my plate. At Thanksgiving, we always have an elegant sufficiency and are mighty thankful for it.
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I shall argue in this article, however, that the two sufficiency doctrines are incompatible, due to their conflicting understanding of the good life.
Current Florida law may be as follows: If the State proves the defendant committed any crime whatsoever, then an appellate court cannot address any unpreserved evidence sufficiency issue, even if it is undisputed that the State not only did not prove, but could never prove, the crime of conviction.
Therefore, the versatility and the precision of the Bootstrap method (EDWARDS et al., 2011) enables the evaluation of sampling sufficiency to infer anatomical characteristics of forest species, since these sampling sizes still have not been clearly defined.
While some of these studies have ignored potential gender differences, none of these studies have considered the adequacy or sufficiency of the college-related information that prospective students receive when deciding to attend college.
In my last decade as a professional and activist, I have discovered that sufficiency is present when nothing is wasted, and sustainability is possible only where sufficiency thrives.
Writer, broadcaster and environmentalist John Seymour was considered to be an extremely influential figure in the self sufficiency movement.
"Sufficiency" relates to the quantity and "appropriateness" relates to the quality of the audit evidence, or its relevance and reliability in providing support for the financial statement assertions.
"Available evidence suggests that during this period not only was the Government actively pursuing the policy of self sufficiency, but that NANBH (non A non B hepatitis) was perceived as a mild, and often asymptomatic disease," the report said.
Energy self sufficiency is achievable in most operations with significant improvements in just two areas, both associated with water removal: 1) product drying and 2) water removal from spent pulping liquors.
If we are to fulfill the mandates of empowerment and self sufficiency, then we must be concerned with not only assisting consumers to secure employment but also help them find employment that provides a living wage.
Rather than being unrealistic, this idea of providing workers with a sense of sufficiency and security is extremely realistic since it recognizes an economic reality that is frequently overlooked--namely, that voluntary productivity only makes sense within the context of a secure relationship between worker and employer.
Relative performance evaluation is one important use of cash flow ratios, which can be viewed in terms of sufficiency and efficiency.
Table 1 Wheat Production, Wheat Consumption and Degree * of Wheat Self-Sufficiency in Pakistan for Selected Years Wheat Degree of Production Wheat Self- Years (000 M Tons) Consumption Sufficiency Previous year (000 M Tons) (Percent) 1949-50 4038 4038 100.00 1954-55 3654 3654 100.00 1959-60 3907 4724 82.71 1964-65 4162 5678 73.80 1969-70 6618 6849 96.63 1974-75 7629 8906 85.66 1975-76 7673 8565 89.58 1976-77 8691 9198 94.49 1977-78 9144 10510 87.00 1978-79 8367 10413 80.35 1979-80 9950 10246 97.11 1980-81 10857 10826 100.29 1981-82 11475 11284 101.69 1982-83 11142 10945 101.80 Source: Adopted from [5, p.
'All these complaints have met the requirement of sufficiency in form.