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suffice (it) to say

In short; in summary; it is enough to say. Often followed by "that." I won't go into the details of our conversation, but suffice it to say that Bob won't be coming back on Monday. There were a lot of unexpected hurdles in the application process, and the whole thing turned out to be a lot more complex than we anticipated. Anyway, suffice to say, we were granted planning permission for the new office in the end.
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suffice for (someone or something)

1. To be adequate, satisfactory, or well suited to some particular purpose. A gift voucher really won't suffice for an anniversary present, Mary. This place will suffice for a temporary office while our building is being renovated.
2. To meet or satisfy someone's needs, desires, or demands. I really don't need anything elaborate for lunch. A bowl of soup and a ham and cheese sandwich would suffice for me. A steady job and a house in the suburbs may suffice for some people, but I crave more adventure in my life!
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suffice for someone or something

to be sufficient for someone or something. This serving will suffice for me. Did you get enough? Will this suffice for you?
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suffice it to say

It is enough to say this and no more, as in Suffice it to say that the judge was furious when the invitation was withdrawn. [Late 1600s]
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suffice (it) to say (that)...

(formal) used for saying that you could say much more about somebody/something but you do not want or need to: I won’t tell you all that was said at the meeting. Suffice it to say that they approved our plan.
Suffice it here means ‘it is enough’.
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suffice it to say

It should be enough to state the following. This phrase, indicating that what follows is all that should be said about something, dates from the seventeenth century. John Dryden used it in St. Evremont’s Miscellaneous Essays (1692): “It suffices to say that Xanthippus becoming the manager of affairs, altered extremely the Carthaginian Army.”
See also: say, suffice
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Hitting last year's average will no longer suffice as a definition of tomorrow's optimal performance.
Existing road and utility rights of way should suffice for the guideways.
Half measures would not suffice, and a careful planning strategy was also required.
Suffice it to say that eighteen minutes came and went, and I was happily no closer to an answer.
Erik Janzen of Linkoping University in Sweden wonders whether the quality improvement would suffice for highly demanding applications in such venues as power grids.
Some simple examples and a few instructions would suffice.
Keyboard and mouse inputs suffice for many users and PC applications.
One marketing strategy will not suffice for the life of a camp.
17) Although no safe harbor can be identified, it is very likely that notice within seven days of the contribution and a :30-day withdrawal period will suffice.
The case laws suggest a continuity percentage of as little as 25% would suffice.
During this survey 37% of respondents said their incomes suffice for meals and clothes, but it is a problem for them to buy such expensive items like television and refrigerator.