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pain and suffering

A legal term for the physical and emotional trauma endured by the complainant in a case. Primarily heard in US. We are in court today because of the pain and suffering that Mr. Smith's reckless driving has caused my client.
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suffer the consequences

To experience negative repercussions for one's actions or words, especially those that one would expect to incur punishment. I told you not to try to sneak in, and now that you've been caught, you're just going to have to suffer the consequences. If we do nothing to curb this pollution, I guarantee we will suffer the consequences in the future.
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Few studies have empirically examined how and to what extent media exposure to representations of the suffering of opponents in conflicts affects audiences' responses.
Keywords: mediated suffering, recognition, hostile media effect, witnessing, empathy, media coverage in conflict, moral concern, protracted conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, public opinion
Human beings will never understand why suffering exists.
We end up developing ourselves by having to endure suffering in our life and work.
The sufferings of some prophets serve as examples of time-specific liberative suffering that delivers others not only from physical but also from spiritual suffering, that is, pain that is caused by unrighteous and sinful living.
Second: "Loving to the end" could mean that Christ kept suffering right up to his death because if he had stopped suffering so intensely that would have meant precisely to stop loving so intensely also.
Another interviewee described the effect of his suffering in this way, "It is amazing that these sufferings are like grains of wheat, fallen onto the ground, died, but bear much fruit.
Nobody is free from suffering of one kind or another.
Holy Tears, Holy Blood: Women, Catholicism, and the Culture of Suffering in France, 1840-1970.
These psalms, which describe suffering akin to that which the Servant endured, do not speak of the sufferings of specific individuals or a special class of people; they are texts that stem from Israel's worship and relate to the afflictions borne by everyday people.
Now is the time for Christians to rejoice, since Scripture says that we should rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering trains us to endure with patience, patient endurance makes us pleasing to God, and being pleasing to God gives us ground for a hope that will not be disappointed.
Similarly, there is such a drastic imbalance between the sufferings of severely ill patients and the-sufferings of doctors who care for them that any talk of "sharing" suffering seems the height of presumption.
personal safety," (18) uttering cliches such as "Your life is only valuable if it's given away" (18) and "This is your cross to bear," (18) or being counseled by priests to "rejoice in sufferings because they bring me closer to Jesus" (21).
Certainly as humanists and as human beings, we must strive to feel the sufferings of others and respond to them.
We forcefully denounce this unjustified action, and we join our sufferings with yours.