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pain and suffering

A legal term for the physical and emotional trauma endured by the complainant in a case. Primarily heard in US. We are in court today because of the pain and suffering that Mr. Smith's reckless driving has caused my client.
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suffer a setback

To experience or encounter some kind of minor delay, obstacle, impasse, or failure. The project suffered a setback when we realized the manufacturer had stopped producing the part we needed. After suffering a couple of setbacks early on, the company has finally started making consistent profits and growth.
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suffer an attack of (some illness)

To be stricken by a sudden or acute onset of some kind of illness or its symptoms. I went to bed early last night after suffering a severe attack of indigestion. He suffered an asthma attack halfway through the hike.
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suffer from (something)

1. To be afflicted by some ailment or injury. My father suffered from depression all his life. The poor child suffers from terrible eczema on her arms and legs.
2. To be forced to endure some negative condition or status. This area suffers from frequent droughts. The country has been suffering from a severe economic depression since leaving the customs union three years ago.
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suffer the consequences

To experience negative repercussions for one's actions or words, especially those that one would expect to incur punishment. I told you not to try to sneak in, and now that you've been caught, you're just going to have to suffer the consequences. If we do nothing to curb this pollution, I guarantee we will suffer the consequences in the future.
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suffer under (one)

To be forced to live or cope with the oppression of some brutal or repellent figure of authority. We suffered under the dictatorship for nearly 40 years, before the revolution brought democracy to our country. If we have to suffer under another pig-headed general manager like Tom, I swear I'll hand in my two weeks' notice.
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suffer a setback

to have a minor or temporary failure. We suffered a setback when much of our vineyard was damaged by a fungus.
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On the other hand, understanding Jesus' death as the consequence of his fidelity to his mission and steadfastness in the face of opposition and persecution can spur us to strive, through the aid of grace definitely, to be more faithful to our vocation and mission in life and to oppose suffering that is due to moral evil.
Suffering involves multiple dimensions of what it means to be a person.
Even if a person lives in a mansion and has a great job, suffering touches everybody and affects everybody's faith."
Unaware, as yet, of the true nature of Jesus' identity, Peter tried to set aside the unthinkable notion of a suffering Christ.
The current study titled 'investigation of relationship between variables of spirituality, attitude toward the disease and suffering in AIDS cases' is correlational to predict the independent variable.
Use this recitation in moments of suffering: Breathing in, I return to the island of just this moment.
We give companionship to others including in their suffering. This is what the exhortation tells us, to bear each other's burdens.
offers philosophical reconsideration of familiar metaphysical assumptions, suggesting that the "proper theological response to the problem of reconciling human suffering in a God of infinite wisdom, power, and goodness is not to try to solve the unsolvable, but to preserve the mystery of God" (vii).
Thirty-seven percent of Armenians were suffering, and Cambodians, Haitians, Hungarians, Malagasy, Macedonians, and Iranians
Gallup classifies respondents as "thriving," "struggling," or "suffering" according to how they rate their current and future lives on a ladder scale with steps numbered from zero to 10 based on the Cantril Self-Anchoring Striving Scale.
Worldwide, one in seven adults was suffering in 2012.
However I do not agree with his statement that a patient suffering from physical illness suffers alone while the whole family suffers if a patient is afflicted with a mental illness.
KARACHI -- The wish granting of 10 Make-A-Wish children suffering from life-threatening illnesses held on Saturday here at MAW Office.
Resistant Hope: Fighting Back against Suffering By Elaine G.