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suffer the consequences

To experience negative repercussions for one's actions or words, especially those that one would expect to incur punishment. I told you not to try to sneak in, and now that you've been caught, you're just going to have to suffer the consequences. If we do nothing to curb this pollution, I guarantee we will suffer the consequences in the future.
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not suffer fools (gladly)

To refuse to deal with or tolerate ignorant people or behavior. My father was a shrewd, well respected businessman who didn't suffer fools gladly. You'll learn not to suffer fools when you've been in this job for a few weeks.
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suffer a setback

to have a minor or temporary failure. We suffered a setback when much of our vineyard was damaged by a fungus.
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suffer an attack

 (of an illness)
1. Go to an attack (of an illness).
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suffer from something

to endure or experience unpleasantness, a disease, or a health condition. Jeff is suffering from the flu. I'm afraid that you must suffer from the disease until it has run its course. Toby is really suffering from the cold.
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suffer under someone

to endure the punishments or bad treatment of someone. The citizens suffered badly under the rule of the cruel king. We suffered under Carlos and we will suffer under his successor.
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not suffer fools gladly

Refuse to tolerate stupidity, as in Chris can be intimidating at these meetings; she does not suffer fools gladly. This expression comes from the New Testament (II Corinthians 11:19), where Paul sarcastically says, "For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise." [c. 1600]
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not suffer fools gladly

If you do not suffer fools gladly, you are not patient with people who you think are stupid. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and, in her view, most people are fools.
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not suffer fools gladly

be impatient or intolerant towards people you regard as unwise or unintelligent.
This expression refers to 2 Corinthians 11:19: ‘For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise’.
2001 Daily Telegraph Such was her expertise as a Victorianist that her advice was widely sought, though she did not suffer fools gladly.
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not suffer fools ˈgladly

not be patient or polite with people who are less intelligent than you: He says what he thinks and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Some people consider him a bit arrogant.
Suffer here means ‘accept somebody annoying or unpleasant without complaining’.
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suffer from

To be sick with or afflicted by some condition: I suffer from many different allergies. The country is suffering from a drought.
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Sufferers may choose to hide the impact of a migraine at work, since 41% report that their coworkers sometimes don't take their migraines seriously, and more than a third (35%) say coworkers believe they are faking their migraine.
It's also important to understand that the sufferer during the court session receives a new emotional stress.
uk can also be a valuable source of helpful items to enable sufferers to reduce symptoms and enjoy greater wellbeing.
We know that serious sinus sufferers describe their sinus pain as being beat down and crushed, said SUDAFEDA Brand Manager Will Brassel.
In studies in which the colon or rectum is distended with a balloon, IBS sufferers report pain at much lower pressures than non-IBS sufferers.
More worryingly, the number of dementia sufferers in Kirklees is expected to rise sharply over the next ten years as the population gets older, increasing by more than 1,500 to 6,000.
NEW RESEARCH on precision tinted lenses has claimed they can offer relief to migraine sufferers.
A recent survey by the National Headache Foundation also revealed that migraine sufferers are at greater risk for additional ``co-morbidity'' conditions, including fibromyalgia, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, asthma and depression.
As expressed best in the words of a sufferer, "I only keep going because of the family.
An MCS sufferer finds an environmentally `safe' area, buys a piece of land and puts down a mobile home or buys a house.
Clinical ecologists and their supporters sometimes turn this requirement on its head, saying that if tests for all other types of disease come up negative, then the sufferer must have MCS.
Although people who never have experienced a migraine mistakenly may perceive it as "just a bad headache," a survey of migraine sufferers reveals it is far more serious than that.
It aims to increase understanding of dementia and behaviours associated with it, and thereby to improve the quality of life for both sufferers and carers.
With the average hay fever sufferer sneezing 21 times a day during peak season, this could mean more than 315 million sneezes in Britain today.