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10) Also, there are similarities between Moses's followers who suffered and Mohammad's grandchildren (Hasan and Hussein) (11) who were abased and martyred after him.
An HH-60H Seahawk of Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4 suffered Class A damage when the fuel cell encasement fractured during pressure refueling in Iraq on 6 July.
6 million people reported symptoms consistent with alcohol or illicit drug dependence or suffered symptoms from one of the five mental health disorders at some time during the 12 months prior to their interview.
She and Trevor both suffered severe head and facial trauma.
Because of the identification she does her best to swallow the pain just as Jesus suffered in silence.
And Jesus, answering, said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?
Nevertheless, we need not forget that she had suffered increasingly from her disease and advancing age and had decided there was not much left to live for.
But the study suffered from the same problem that muddies much of the research into drugs and mental state--taking anything often makes people feel better.
John Britton suffered chronic insomnia and would sometimes disappear into the woods.
Telling someone who's just suffered a heart attack to lighten up sounds like the height of insensitivity, but it may be the best advice.
Under this rule, the clients suffered actual injury either in 1990, when they donated their property, or in 1991, when they paid taxes in excess of the amount they had expected to pay after donating their property pursuant to the erroneous tax advice.
37) Gabriel Barletta declared that Mary's suffering exceeded that of any of the martyrs, "first because hers was a martyrdom of love, theirs of faith; second, the others were punished in their bodies, but she in her heart; third, because others suffered after Christ, but she with Christ, and in Christ and by the same blows as Christ.
47) There is a small element of self-justification in the way that Ludolf described that flight, since he complains about how much work the situation forced on him; but he is also concerned to show that his parishioners had suffered greatly because of their flight.