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suffer the consequences

To experience negative repercussions for one's actions or words, especially those that one would expect to incur punishment. I told you not to try to sneak in, and now that you've been caught, you're just going to have to suffer the consequences. If we do nothing to curb this pollution, I guarantee we will suffer the consequences in the future.
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not suffer fools (gladly)

To refuse to deal with or tolerate ignorant people or behavior. My father was a shrewd, well respected businessman who didn't suffer fools gladly. You'll learn not to suffer fools when you've been in this job for a few weeks.
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suffer from (something)

1. To be afflicted by some ailment or injury. My father suffered from depression all his life. The poor child suffers from terrible eczema on her arms and legs.
2. To be forced to endure some negative condition or status. This area suffers from frequent droughts. The country has been suffering from a severe economic depression since leaving the customs union three years ago.
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suffer a setback

To experience or encounter some kind of minor delay, obstacle, impasse, or failure. The project suffered a setback when we realized the manufacturer had stopped producing the part we needed. After suffering a couple of setbacks early on, the company has finally started making consistent profits and growth.
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suffer an attack of (some illness)

To be stricken by a sudden or acute onset of some kind of illness or its symptoms. I went to bed early last night after suffering a severe attack of indigestion. He suffered an asthma attack halfway through the hike.
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suffer under (one)

To be forced to live or cope with the oppression of some brutal or repellent figure of authority. We suffered under the dictatorship for nearly 40 years, before the revolution brought democracy to our country. If we have to suffer under another pig-headed general manager like Tom, I swear I'll hand in my two weeks' notice.
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suffer a setback

to have a minor or temporary failure. We suffered a setback when much of our vineyard was damaged by a fungus.
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suffer an attack

 (of an illness)
1. Go to an attack (of an illness).
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suffer from something

to endure or experience unpleasantness, a disease, or a health condition. Jeff is suffering from the flu. I'm afraid that you must suffer from the disease until it has run its course. Toby is really suffering from the cold.
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suffer under someone

to endure the punishments or bad treatment of someone. The citizens suffered badly under the rule of the cruel king. We suffered under Carlos and we will suffer under his successor.
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not suffer fools gladly

Refuse to tolerate stupidity, as in Chris can be intimidating at these meetings; she does not suffer fools gladly. This expression comes from the New Testament (II Corinthians 11:19), where Paul sarcastically says, "For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise." [c. 1600]
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not suffer fools gladly

If you do not suffer fools gladly, you are not patient with people who you think are stupid. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and, in her view, most people are fools.
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not suffer fools gladly

be impatient or intolerant towards people you regard as unwise or unintelligent.
This expression refers to 2 Corinthians 11:19: ‘For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise’.
2001 Daily Telegraph Such was her expertise as a Victorianist that her advice was widely sought, though she did not suffer fools gladly.
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not suffer fools ˈgladly

not be patient or polite with people who are less intelligent than you: He says what he thinks and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Some people consider him a bit arrogant.
Suffer here means ‘accept somebody annoying or unpleasant without complaining’.
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suffer from

To be sick with or afflicted by some condition: I suffer from many different allergies. The country is suffering from a drought.
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suffer fools gladly, does not

Refuses to put up with stupidity. This rather flip rejection of those one considers stupid comes from the King James translation of the Bible, “For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise” (2 Corinthians 11:19). This statement, of course, is a sarcasm; Paul actually is saying that those who put up with fools (in this instance, braggarts) are themselves fools. Today the term is always used in the negative.
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In addition to redeeming a community from unrighteousness, these sufferings are shaped in communal form as well: Mohammed's family (Ahlo al'qorba) suffered alongside him, and the suffering visited upon Hussein on Ashora day (25) also extended to his seventy-two disciples and his entire family.
On 9 June, an E-2C Hawkeye suffered Class A damage following an inflight fire and runway departure on landing at an outlying field at Santa Rosa, Calif.
The majority of sufferers of either mental disorders or substance dependency did not seek professional help for their problems and one out of every five person who suffered from a mental disorder or substance dependence reported a perceived unmet need in receiving help.
Should we also urge people who have suffered from starvation, sexual abuse, war, torture, terrorism, violent crime, or desperate poverty to find transcendent meaning in their experiences?
By 1997, the program had awarded nearly $1 billion to more than 1,000 families whose children suffered catastrophic reactions to government-mandated vaccines.
Seaton Findlay, an AMERICAN FORESTS member active in urban forestry issues, reports that 15- to 20-year-old urban street and park trees suffered the worst damage in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario.
Indeed it is just that she suffered in what befell him for he took his immaculate flesh from her."(50)
The Bedfordshire coroner found that the couple suffered from chronic diseases and had a history of mental illness--but they were not terminally ill.
On 12 July a T-45C Goshawk of Training Squadron 7 suffered Class A damage when it departed the runway at NAS Meridian, Miss.
Millions of Jews have suffered and died because they were blamed for the death of this Jew Jesus.
Anyone who has ever suffered from a nagging toothache, menstrual cramps, migraine headache, or painful spasms in the lower back--let alone the pain of skeletal metastases or myocardial infarction--knows the havoc pain can wreak on the human psyche.
During a late nine-year period in his life, following the publication of his celebrated masterpiece Anna Karenina when he was unable to write fiction, he suffered dark nights in isolation during which he was terrorized by the question of immortality of the soul.
The findings remained nearly as strong after excluding either volunteers who suffered a stroke in the first 10 years of the study or those who began the study with recognized heart disease or diabetes.
John Britton suffered chronic insomnia and would sometimes disappear into the woods.