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What has Sweden done to IS for them to suffer an attack? Especially since the Swedish military does not operate in any other country.
Improvements in the hospital care of those who do suffer an attack have also contributed to a fall in the number dying.
The index, setting out which countries are considered most likely to suffer an attack, was topped by Somalia, followed by Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the new nation of South Sudan, with Britain 38th.
Migraine sufferers who indulge in a weekend lie-in are more likely to suffer an attack than those who get up with the lark, researchers claim.
"Right now, there is no therapy for [sickle-cell] crisis," Head says, noting that patients generally receive only pain killers and other palliative treatments when they suffer an attack.
NOT EXACTLY happy days for Wolves' supporters at the moment, who are not being served up the best of entertainment as their team suffer an attack of the Championship wobbles.