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so, sue me.

If you are so angry, why don't go ahead and sue me. (A rude way of brushing off an angry person.) A: You ran into my car! You didn't even look where you were going! B: So, sue me.
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sue for something

to file a lawsuit in order to get something. If you so much as harm a hair on my head, I will sue for damages. Ted sued for back pay in his dispute with a former employer.
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sue someone for something

to file a lawsuit against someone in order to get something. I will sue you for damages if you do anything else to my car! She sued her employer for failure to provide a safe workplace.
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sue the pants off (of) someone

Sl. to sue someone for a lot of money. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) If they harm me in any way, I'll sue the pants off of them. He sued the pants off his landlord.
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sue for

1. To institute legal proceedings against some person for some redress of grievances: The actor is suing a former TV star for $30 million. Their aunt and uncle sued for custody of the children.
2. To make an appeal or entreaty for something: The people of this country are suing for peace.
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(So,) sue me!

tv. So, if you are so bothered or offended, take me into court and sue me. (A way of saying There is nothing you can do about it.) You don’t like the way I talk? So, sue me!
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sue me!

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sue the pants off (of) someone

tv. to sue someone for a lot of money. If they do it, I’ll sue the pants off of them.
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sue the pants off someone

See also: off, pant, sue
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e father of two, who suers nightmares and ashbacks after seeing horrors including mass graves and bodies of children in Bosnia, hopes the programme will help others seek help, warning a macho culture often leaves former servicemen and their families struggling alone.
Gourmands already know that the best saffron and caviar comes from this region, and now oenophiles are starting to take interest in our homegrown wine industry," says Mustafa Suer, director of food and beverage, noting that the Hotel's restaurants and bars will all feature Azeri wines, along with the best international selections.
If no one claims the medals, Suer said he will turn them over to the Veterans Administration.
Hart High swimmer Hilary Suer, 17, said her teammates understood the grief shared by the track and field teams because 15-year-old swimmer Josh Randell died back in February.
We've been working with Segue and its reliability solutions for years and have seen the increasing demand by organizations to test and monitor their applications," said Brian Le Suer, co-founder of Star Quality, a Segue consulting partner and reseller.
e reverse xture saw us suer an embarrassing defeat; we're a changed squad now that has condence and the ability to nd the back of the net, this is a game that is a must-win.
She said: "It can be triggered by a number of things and people who have it can also suer with anxiety, stress or depression.
If the over-50s continue to leave the workforce in line with previous norms, we would suer serious labour and skills shortages which simply could not be 'lled by immigration alone," said Dr Altmann.
He said that around ve children in the region will sufchildren in the region will suf-fer stroke-induced disabilities, fer stroke-induced disabilities, while two suer disability after while two suer disability after brain tumours each year.
A TOUR guide pushed a pensioner who complained about bus fumes, causing him to fall to the ground and suer a fractured hip.
LET'S DANCE: Morris Dancers entertain the crowds while, inset, three-year-old Sandy Suer tries a bit of archery Pictures: GAVIN TRAFFORD
Adnan Suer, chief executive of TRT Avaz, said that the state-run channel has become the voice of countries in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia since it was first launched one year ago.
eBalance is the first solution dedicated to providing consumers with the information they want, because it lets them collect and organize financial data, then match them with opportunities for investment and purchases that optimize their use of their funds," said Myles Suer, eBalance president and co-founder.
Hilary Suer, a Hart High junior who attended Placerita and Peachland Elementary with Randell, said the teen's skating friends saw the fatal accident.
They include Mike Briggs (R-Fresno), Richard Dickerson (R-Redding), Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa), Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills), George Runner (R-Lancaster), and Phil Wyman (R-Victorville).