(as) jober as a sudge

A humorous misstatement of the expression "as sober as a judge" intended to sound like it was pronounced by a drunk person. The phrase is often used to imply that someone is not sober. Oh yeah, she's as jober as a sudge—I mean, she's up on the stage doing karaoke right now!
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(as) jober as a sudge

(ˈdʒobɚ æz ə ˈsədʒ)
mod. sober. (A deliberate spoonerism on (as) sober as a judge.) Me? I’m as jober as a sudge.
See also: jober, sudge

jober as a sudge

See also: jober, sudge
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Last Thursday we went to Jober as a Sudge, an event hosted by L&H, one of the oldest and most famous societies in UCD.
Pictured with the squad are coaches Steve Burke and Sudge Bansal along with Donna Jones from the sponsors; CARDIFF ON FORM: Cardiff Schools need a point from their final match against Newport in the East Wales under-14s group to progress to the national semi-finals, following back-to-back wins over Afan Nedd and Blaenau Gwent
I was particularly disappointed with his treatment of John Glassco, whom McAlmon calls Sudge Galbraith.
McAlmon is unfailingly condescending to "the boys" and the women they take up with, and despite evidence of Sudge's ambitious work, he suggests that he is nothing but an aimless daydreamer, idling as he awaits his inheritance from his wealthy family.
To keep the memoir from being just a series of such anecdotes, McAlmon includes a unifying narrative centered on two young Canadians, John Glassco ("Sudge Galbraith") and Graeme Taylor ("Ross Campion").
The Executive Committee for 2014 will be Bob Allsop, Nordson, president; John Cole, Parker Ionics, vice president and John Sudges, Midwest Finishing Systems, secretary/treasurer.
Jerry Cunningham, Pres.; John Sudges, Sales; Harold Crane, Sales Mgr.