(as) jober as a sudge

A humorous misstatement of the expression "as sober as a judge" intended to sound like it was pronounced by a drunk person. The phrase is often used to imply that someone is not sober. Oh yeah, she's as jober as a sudge—I mean, she's up on the stage doing karaoke right now!
See also: jober, sudge

(as) jober as a sudge

(ˈdʒobɚ æz ə ˈsədʒ)
mod. sober. (A deliberate spoonerism on (as) sober as a judge.) Me? I’m as jober as a sudge.
See also: jober, sudge

jober as a sudge

See also: jober, sudge
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Last Thursday we went to Jober as a Sudge, an event hosted by L&H, one of the oldest and most famous societies in UCD.
Pictured with the squad are coaches Steve Burke and Sudge Bansal along with Donna Jones from the sponsors; CARDIFF ON FORM: Cardiff Schools need a point from their final match against Newport in the East Wales under-14s group to progress to the national semi-finals, following back-to-back wins over Afan Nedd and Blaenau Gwent
The boys have bright ideas about writing, and they see through the pretensions of the older writers: Sudge wickedly says of Hemingway, "I'll bet he's written a war book in which he just won't tell the world how much he really suffered.
I was particularly disappointed with his treatment of John Glassco, whom McAlmon calls Sudge Galbraith.
The Executive Committee for 2014 will be Bob Allsop, Nordson, president; John Cole, Parker Ionics, vice president and John Sudges, Midwest Finishing Systems, secretary/treasurer.