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a quick drop and a sudden stop

Death from either falling from a great height or from hanging. I wouldn't get too close to the edge of that cliff if I were you, you'd have a pretty quick drop and a sudden stop.
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a (sudden) rush of blood (to the head)

A sudden feeling of excitement or anger that causes one to act in unexpected ways. It must have been a sudden rush of blood to the head that made Gary lash out at Ron, because he's usually so calm.
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all of a sudden

Unexpectedly and abruptly; suddenly. I was startled when the fire alarm went off all of a sudden. I thought Laura and I were friends, but all of a sudden, she stopped talking to me.
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all of a sudden

suddenly. All of a sudden lightning struck the tree we were sitting under. I felt a sharp pain in my side all of a sudden.
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all of a sudden

Entirely without warning, abruptly, as in All of a sudden the lights went out. In Shakespeare's day the common phrase was of a sudden, the word all being added in the late 1600s. Also see all at once, def. 2.
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all of a sudden

COMMON If something happens all of a sudden, it happens quickly and unexpectedly. All of a sudden she didn't look sleepy any more. I felt incredibly lonely all of a sudden.
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(all) of a sudden

As a noun sudden is now found only in this phrase, but from the mid 16th century to the early 18th century it was in regular use in the sense ‘an unexpected danger or emergency’.
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ˌall of a ˈsudden

suddenly and unexpectedly: I was sitting reading my book when all of a sudden the lights went out.
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ˌsudden ˈdeath

a way of deciding the winner of a game when scores are equal at the end. The players or teams continue playing and the game ends as soon as one of them gains the lead: If no one scores in the next five minutes the game will go to sudden death.They won the match after an exciting sudden-death play-off.
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sudden death

mod. having to do with something short, quick, and decisive. The game ended in a sudden death playoff.
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all of a sudden

Very quickly and unexpectedly; suddenly.
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References in classic literature ?
Werper, thrown to his length by the suddenness and violence of the disturbance, staggered to his feet when he found himself unhurt.
For this fell purpose he had backed the astounded De Vac twice around the hall when, with a clever feint, and backward step, the master of fence drew the King into the position he wanted him, and with the suddenness of lightning, a little twist of his foil sent Henry's weapon clanging across the floor of the armory.
The curious flood of sentiment, which had led him to gamble for the child's picture, had merged with equal suddenness into passion at the coming of her later presentment.
Before she could add another word, Lady Montbarry sprang from the sofa with the stealthy suddenness of a cat--seized her by both shoulders-- and shook her with the strength and frenzy of a madwoman.
Lady Montbarry surveyed herself in the glass, and wheeled round again, with her cat-like suddenness, to Mrs.
While in San Francisco Halpin Frayser was walking one dark night along the water front of the city, when, with a suddenness that surprised and disconcerted him, he became a sailor.
Anne's white face and big eyes appeared over the bedclothes with a startling suddenness.
An idea whisked through Anne's brain with a suddenness that made her jump.
No twilight on her surface; night following day and day following night with the suddenness of a lamp which is extinguished or lighted amid profound darkness-- no transition from cold to heat, the temperature falling in an instant from boiling point to the cold of space.
The relations between Durdles and Deputy are of a capricious kind; for, on Durdles's turning himself about with the slow gravity of beery suddenness, Deputy makes a pretty wide circuit into the road and stands on the defensive.
But, after all, it was gone with such amazing suddenness that it left behind it a sense of unreality.
The decision at which Bill had arrived with such dramatic suddenness in the middle of Piccadilly was the same at which some centuries earlier Columbus had arrived in the privacy of his home.
My devil-may-care acquaintance,' said Mr Chester--'really if you do not draw some nicer distinctions, your career will be cut short with most surprising suddenness.
Weak with recent illness; stupified by the blows and the suddenness of the attack; terrified by the fierce growling of the dog, and the brutality of the man; overpowered by the conviction of the bystanders that he really was the hardened little wretch he was described to be; what could one poor child do
His account of both was quite satisfactory to Wardle --as almost any other account would have been, for the good old gentleman was overflowing with Hilarity and kindness--and a handsome portion having been bestowed upon Emily, the marriage was fixed to take place on the fourth day from that time --the suddenness of which preparations reduced three dressmakers and a tailor to the extreme verge of insanity.