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a quick drop and a sudden stop

Death from either falling from a great height or from hanging. I wouldn't get too close to the edge of that cliff if I were you, you'd have a pretty quick drop and a sudden stop.
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a (sudden) rush of blood (to the head)

A sudden feeling of excitement or anger that causes one to act in unexpected ways. It must have been a sudden rush of blood to the head that made Gary lash out at Ron, because he's usually so calm.
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all of a sudden

Unexpectedly and abruptly; suddenly. I was startled when the fire alarm went off all of a sudden. I thought Laura and I were friends, but all of a sudden, she stopped talking to me.
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all of a sudden

suddenly. All of a sudden lightning struck the tree we were sitting under. I felt a sharp pain in my side all of a sudden.
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all of a sudden

Entirely without warning, abruptly, as in All of a sudden the lights went out. In Shakespeare's day the common phrase was of a sudden, the word all being added in the late 1600s. Also see all at once, def. 2.
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all of a sudden

COMMON If something happens all of a sudden, it happens quickly and unexpectedly. All of a sudden she didn't look sleepy any more. I felt incredibly lonely all of a sudden.
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(all) of a sudden

As a noun sudden is now found only in this phrase, but from the mid 16th century to the early 18th century it was in regular use in the sense ‘an unexpected danger or emergency’.
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ˌall of a ˈsudden

suddenly and unexpectedly: I was sitting reading my book when all of a sudden the lights went out.
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ˌsudden ˈdeath

a way of deciding the winner of a game when scores are equal at the end. The players or teams continue playing and the game ends as soon as one of them gains the lead: If no one scores in the next five minutes the game will go to sudden death.They won the match after an exciting sudden-death play-off.
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sudden death

mod. having to do with something short, quick, and decisive. The game ended in a sudden death playoff.
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all of a sudden

Very quickly and unexpectedly; suddenly.
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References in classic literature ?
As she gazed spellbound, a portion of the slope beneath her suddenly seemed to sink and crumble, and was swallowed up in the rushing stream.
It was like coming suddenly upon some wild sight of nature--a mountain forest lashed by a tempest, a ship tossed about upon a stormy sea.
One fact was certain, that Christine, who until then had shown herself the stronger of the two, became suddenly inexpressibly nervous.
Then suddenly traversing a little glade, I saw with an unpleasant start two clumsy legs among the trees, walking with noiseless footsteps parallel with my course, and perhaps thirty yards away from me.
But it passed and spared me, and left the night about me suddenly dark and un- familiar.
I suddenly recalled something I had seen that morning when, full of anxious thoughts, I was hurrying to the office.
Suddenly a croupier informed me that I had, won thirty thousand florins, as well as that, since the latter was the limit for which, at any one time, the bank could make itself responsible, roulette at that table must close for the night.
Nastasia Philipovna," he added, looking at her like some lunatic, harmless generally, but suddenly wound up to a pitch of audacity, "here are eighteen thousand roubles, and--and you shall have more--.
With an irritable toss of his head he wheeled suddenly toward the west as though by turning his back upon the fast disappearing plane he might expunge thoughts of its passengers from his memory.
During a brief lull in the conversation his clear, soft voice suddenly reached Trent's ears.
A scamper across the pasture, a jackrabbit rising suddenly under the horse's feet, a violent sheer, a stumble, a fall to earth, and a broken leg for the master, was the cause of it.
That engine in my head went round at its top speed hour after hour till eleven at about at night it let up on me suddenly at the entrance to the Dock before large iron gates in a dead wall.
I was moving off towards the house again when he suddenly called me back.
Gerald, who was also on his way to the sideboard, suddenly stopped.
Nancy sprang to her feet and clasped her hands together suddenly.