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1. rude slang To be very poor, inferior, or worthless. Wow, that movie really sucked! This place sucks—can we go home yet? Boo! You guys suck! Get off the stage!
2. rude slang To be displeasing, unfortunate, or undesirable. A: "I'm sorry, but the charge is non-refundable." B: "Well, that really sucks!" I know this situation sucks, but we've just got to deal with it the best we can.
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That sucks.

 and It sucks.
Sl. That is worthless. Yuck! That sucks! This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
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1. and suction n. liquor; wine; beer; strong drink. How about a little glass of suck before we leave?
2. and suck something up tv. to drink beer or liquor. Yeah, I’ll suck one up with ya.
3. in. [for someone or something] to be bad or undesirable. This movie sucks!
4. and suction n. influence. He thinks he has suck, but he’s just a pain in the neck.

That sucks

and It sucks
in. That is worthless. This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
See also: suck, that
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Everything Sucks! all but urges its audience to recall the now-legendary ways that Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's 1999 comedy Freaks and Geeks thoughtfully and hilariously captured the ups and downs of high school - and got cancelled during its first season.
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Missing seals let dirt and dust get sucked inside the fender skirts.
'Your Marketing Sucks' will be published by Crown Business and priced at USD24.00.
Remember they sucked so they were going to get a lot of hate whether they asked for it or not.
One: grad school sucks, unless, or until, you suck too.
The attraction of the electrons, in turn, sucks the hydrogen fluoride molecules up and holds them, Pederson and Broughton report in the Nov.
"Well I'm 27 now so it's a bit embarrassing if my mum sucks it out, so Michelle got out of the car and there she is, in Costco car park, giving me a love bite on my back, trying to suck the sting from the wasp out and I'm crying like a big girl.
"Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make It Great" is a guide to applying that polish to increase its chances of being accepted and turning one's vision from writing on paper into a major motion picture.
My Boss Sucks: A Story Book and Survival Guide presents the stories of ordinary people dealing with bad bosses of every size, shape, and makeup.
Then they realize how much everything else sucks, so they just skate and skate and skate at the park.
The vortex in the shower has a low-pressure center--and that sucks in the shower curtain.
My own nine year old sucks his thumb in front of the telly.
BEAVIS: How come, like, some stuff sucks, but then, like, some stuff is pretty cool?