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The Cancer Sucks Challenge is the brainchild of Harry's mum Georgie.
Many of the infants continued to suck for several minutes past the data collection period and several infants were observed to have sucked themselves to sleep.
Babies need to suck and if they are breast-fed, there is a limit to the amount of time you can keep them on the breast.
These nanotubes can suck up all sorts of small molecules, says Jeremy Q.
Its low-pressure center sucks in nearby air (above)--and the shower curtain.
BUTT-HEAD: See, you need, like, stuff that sucks to have stuff that's cool.
Author of Best Selling Books: Your Management Sucks (Random House/April'06), Your Marketing Sucks; Extreme Management: What They Teach At Harvard's Advanced Management Program; King Icahn: The Biography of a Renegade Capitalist; The Big Eight: An Inside View of America's Most Powerful Accounting Firms (and the sequel, The Big Six).
We had to do it over email, which really sucks, because you're unable to have an actual conversation with the person--like if I ask him a question and that answer leads to another question with some relevance to our conversation.
Arrundo sucks up water, and because it is nonnative, it damages the delicate balance of the river's native plant life.
As a baby she'd never have a dummy and now she sucks her thumb.
MSCO, a Westchester-based marketing firm, today announced that Mark Stevens - best selling author of "Your Marketing Sucks.
Yes, I was only kidding about the whole Florida Sucks thing.
I remember being aghast as the majority of the 16,005 in attendance chanted in unison, ``Gretzky Sucks, Gretzky Sucks
The great marketers - Bill Gates, Mary Kaye, Tom Watson, Ray Krock, and Sam Walton - avoided the myths, avoided marketing that sucks and drove their companies to the mount.
The tongue-in-cheek weekend will be filled with attitude and irreverent programs that showcase most of the all-time worst videos and honors the iconic rocumentary series "Behind the Music," which currently airs on VH1, with animated parodies entitled "Behind the Music that Sucks.