sucker into

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sucker (one) into (doing something)

To con, swindle, or deceive one into doing something. I can't believe he suckered me into paying for those extra features—they're totally worthless! There have been reports of an increase in the number of scammers pretending to be bank officials in order to sucker customers into revealing their personal details over the phone.
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sucker (one) into (something)

slang To trick, dupe, or con one into doing something or becoming involved in something. I can't believe they suckered me into investing my life savings! The sleazy car dealership uses attractive, smooth-talking young women to sucker you into buying more expensive models of cars. He suckered his opponent into an argument about climate change, which he knew he could easily win.
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sucker someone into something

 and sucker someone in
Sl. to deceive someone into some sort of scam or confidence game; to play someone for a fool. Surely you don't think you can sucker me into doing something as stupid as that, do you? The con artist suckered in an unsuspecting tourist.
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sucker into

To cause someone to do or believe something by deceptive or fraudulent means: The con artist tried to sucker me into revealing my credit card number.
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