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They moved the ball well and sucked us into pockets.
We just wanted to talk things through with them and see if we could work something out that would be an alternative and they just sucked us into bureaucracy.
QPR did not come and dominate us, they scrapped and scrapped and sucked us into a style of football we did not want to be playing.
It has not been helped by the sophisticated techniques of the credit firms who sucked us into thinking we could afford all our dreams.
The Prime Minister should have stood up to an administration that sucked us into a disastrous Iraq war and could do the same with Iran.
No matter that the subsequent exploration of the delusional mind borders on the simplistic, we're already hooked on Nash's version of events - and Crowe's portrayal, albeit looking rather more muscular than we might anticipate a mathematician might be, has sucked us into the film with admirable ease.