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1. rude slang To be very poor, inferior, or worthless. Wow, that movie really sucked! This place sucks—can we go home yet? Boo! You guys suck! Get off the stage!
2. rude slang To be displeasing, unfortunate, or undesirable. A: "I'm sorry, but the charge is non-refundable." B: "Well, that really sucks!" I know this situation sucks, but we've just got to deal with it the best we can.

That sucks.

 and It sucks.
Sl. That is worthless. Yuck! That sucks! This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
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1. and suction n. liquor; wine; beer; strong drink. How about a little glass of suck before we leave?
2. and suck something up tv. to drink beer or liquor. Yeah, I’ll suck one up with ya.
3. in. [for someone or something] to be bad or undesirable. This movie sucks!
4. and suction n. influence. He thinks he has suck, but he’s just a pain in the neck.

That sucks

and It sucks
in. That is worthless. This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
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BELOVED PET: Kiah, left and Leona Baxter with the family dog Brophy, who is still missing after being sucked down a drain along with Leona during the weekend's storms
The ministry said reports from five bath makers revealed there have been 20 accidents involving hair being sucked into drains since 1990.
Many of the infants continued to suck for several minutes past the data collection period and several infants were observed to have sucked themselves to sleep.
Local ambulance spokesman Mr Paul Bird said the rest of the family, including the baby's mother and father, and their two other children were sucked out of the house when one wall blew away.
Is it only me that reads a story like this and thinks, hang on; if a black hole sucks in all material nearby and - in space terms - we're nearby, could we be sucked in, as well?
And then it sucked, because I was broke all the time.
Katie has sucked her left thumb since birth and is a most contented little soul but, thanks to Keanu, the Freudian experts who lie dormant within every family are about to have a field day.
In contrast, most showed an aversion to the taste of salt; they sucked less when given salt-flavored fluids rather than sweet liquids or plain water.
Research showed that more girls, and children in higher socio-economic groups, sucked their thumbs and fingers, while few children in Asia and Africa did.
The only way to figure his popularity is there's an undiscovered element of physics where people's opinions are being sucked into his gravitational field.
BUTT-HEAD: Uhhh, well, if nothing sucked, and everything was cool all the time, then, like, how would you know it was cool?
The infants, who were weighed before and after breast feeding, were video taped to determine how many times they sucked. Adults evaluated the milk to determine its odor.
Two of my sons continued well into their teens and a very together niece sucked her thumb until she was 27.
They found that delaying bottle use until the child was at least 9 months old reduced the risk of later developing speech disorders while children who sucked their fingers, or used a pacifier for more than 3 years were three times more likely to develop speech impediments.
This isn't going to be an article that starts off with "I woke up at 6:00am and drove to the airport, my flight sucked Blah, blah, blah." You know how the rest goes; you've read them before.