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When Mr Allworthy had retired to his study with Jenny Jones, as hath been seen, Mrs Bridget, with the good housekeeper, had betaken themselves to a post next adjoining to the said study; whence, through the conveyance of a keyhole, they sucked in at their ears the instructive lecture delivered by Mr Allworthy, together with the answers of Jenny, and indeed every other particular which passed in the last chapter.
To Konstantin the peasant was simply the chief partner in their common labor, and in spite of all the respect and the love, almost like that of kinship, he had for the peasant-- sucked in probably, as he said himself, with the milk of his peasant nurse--still as a fellow-worker with him, while sometimes enthusiastic over the vigor, gentleness, and justice of these men, he was very often, when their common labors called for other qualities, exasperated with the peasant for his carelessness, lack of method, drunkenness, and lying.
And everything so vaunted the spoiling influences of water--discoloured copper, rotten wood, honey- combed stone, green dank deposit--that the after-consequences of being crushed, sucked under, and drawn down, looked as ugly to the imagination as the main event.
Mr Costolo said: "We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls and we've sucked at it for years.
It was found that children whose parents habitually sucked the pacifier were three times less likely to suffer from eczema at 1.
On average, newborns sucked their pacifiers more times upon hearing foreign vowels than native vowels.
4 months, and 23 were reported to have sucked their fingers.
MIRACLE girl Leona Baxter is back home having survived being sucked down a storm drain following floods.
The valve is said to feature precise, easily adjusted control over both the rate the material flows and the amount material that is sucked back at the end of a dispense cycle.
I mean, it's terrible and it sucked, but yeah," he'll say.
What surprises me is the people that bitch about your smoking - after coming over to sit next to you,'' said Jeff, a clerk, as he sucked on a Parliament.
So, if you have a return grille in the floor of your home, the return air is being sucked into your house from the basement, crawlspace, or attic.
Leaves that fall on or near the air inlets get sucked onto the precleaner.
The Sixth Question: If it is established for us that there is no vacuum inside or outside this world, why is it that if the air within a flask is sucked out and the flask is inverted on water, water rises up in it to the end of its limit?
Gay pride is like file holidays, I love Christmas until I get sucked into the frenzy of all those relatives and start wondering how much weight I'll gain.