suck into

suck (someone or something) into (something)

1. To physically pull someone or something into something through the force of suction. My cat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, even though it's certainly not strong enough to suck him into it. Can you suck that bit of strawberry into your straw, or is it too big?
2. To cause someone to become involved in something. Don't try to suck me into your problems—I've got enough of my own! They sucked me into that project, and now I have to go to all the meetings.
3. To interest or intrigue someone so as to fully engage them in something. That mystery novel will suck you into the story as soon as you start reading, I promise. The first episode sucked me into the series for good.
See also: suck

suck someone or something into something

 and suck someone or something in
[for a vacuum] to draw someone or something into something. The whirlpool sucked the swimmers into the depths of the river. The whirlpool sucked in a swimmer. A whirlpool nearly sucked our canoe in.
See also: suck