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1. rude slang To be very poor, inferior, or worthless. Wow, that movie really sucked! This place sucks—can we go home yet? Boo! You guys suck! Get off the stage!
2. rude slang To be displeasing, unfortunate, or undesirable. A: "I'm sorry, but the charge is non-refundable." B: "Well, that really sucks!" I know this situation sucks, but we've just got to deal with it the best we can.
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That sucks.

 and It sucks.
Sl. That is worthless. Yuck! That sucks! This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
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1. and suction n. liquor; wine; beer; strong drink. How about a little glass of suck before we leave?
2. and suck something up tv. to drink beer or liquor. Yeah, I’ll suck one up with ya.
3. in. [for someone or something] to be bad or undesirable. This movie sucks!
4. and suction n. influence. He thinks he has suck, but he’s just a pain in the neck.

That sucks

and It sucks
in. That is worthless. This meat loaf is terrible. It sucks.
See also: suck, that
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Early orosensory experiences are critical, as they prepare the infant for a wide range of sensorimotor actions that ultimately support suck, feeding, airway protection, and state control [19].
The N-Trainer uses a neural entrainment technique of patterned somatosensory input to foster what the investigators call "the suck central pattern generator (CPG)." Bulging and contracting by about 500 [micro]m, the computer-controlled motorized pacifier delivers a series of six pneumatic bursts at a 1.8-Hz pulse rate followed by a 2-second pause period.
That way they can suck up their blood meal without the blood clotting.
However, not all children who suck their thumbs or pacifiers will alter their bite.
It forces the calf to have to suck hard, resulting in ample
Suck, known for its witty irreverence, catered to the tastes of an estimated 200,000 readers.
Many of the infants continued to suck for several minutes past the data collection period and several infants were observed to have sucked themselves to sleep.
Employees can partake in their own char room, open a free e-mail account so comments won't make their way back to work, find a new job, and visit the Customers Suck store where they can buy T-shirts and books on customer service.
The bottom line is: Russia has sucked, sucks, and will suck." The headline writer, too, entered into the spirit of the Jan.
The Romans had distinguished fellare (to suck a penis) from irrumare (to penetrate somebody's mouth with a penis).
Its plastically flowing stainless-steel spandrels appear at first to be falling off the concrete frame in a movement that seems simultaneously to imply the collapse of capitalism and, as the sheets bunch up over the entrance, the system's sinister power to suck you in.
"Ministers often called themselves breasts of God, and milk imagery was interchangeably dispensed among several theological roles: the minister, the Word, and God's promises."(34) Because breastfeeding represented God's gift of grace coming through his churches and ministers, good Christians should attend worship services on the sabbath prepared to "suck the breast while it is open," that is, attend to the minister's sermon.(35) Parishioners might also rely on breastfeeding imagery to describe the worth of their religious leaders.
So when my son asked, 'Mommy, do I suck?' I didn't even have to look at him or his work to say,
Now some really clever minded and photo shop experts have taken the original Justin and Khalil picture, where they both suck on fake breasts and have converted it to a picture where both Justin and Khalil appear to be in a lip lock!