succumb to

succumb to something

to yield to something, especially a temptation, fatal disease, a human weakness, etc. He finally succumbed to his pneumonia. She did not succumb to the disease until she was very old.
References in classic literature ?
For a time he felt no doubt as to the outcome--the strange white man must certainly succumb to terrible Simba--whoever heard of a lone man armed only with a knife slaying so mighty a beast
President of the Judicial Council Branko Ushkovski Thursday stressed that he will fight for the honor of this institution, for the authority and rights of the judges and that the Council won't succumb to political influence.
Talking to a private news channel, the senior provincial minister said that this offer was conditional and the KP government will in no way succumb to any pressure or threat in this regard.
However, injured Maqsood could not succumb to the injuries.
Euro Could Succumb to ECBEoe1/4aos Neutral Stance, Weak Data Japanese Yen Volatility Likely on Currency Intervention.
Will the plant eaters succumb to his insatiable hunger--or is it time to call in reinforcements?
Norah had a nervous breakdown after 18 months--is it any surprise then that so many transsexuals succumb to drugs, alcohol, and suicide?
The scientists noted that vines imported from the Americas didn't succumb to the insect, leading a few botanists and vintners to recall the recent writings of Charles Darwin on adaptation.
Both say they don't want to succumb to the crass, self-aggrandizing tactic of many elected officials that involves sticking their names on public buildings.
Why do some officers succumb to life-threatening habits, such as the lack of physical activity and exercise, smoking and excessive drinking habits, and depression, that increase the risk of obesity?
It makes clear how dangerous and self-defeating it is for pubic interest groups to succumb to dishonesty for the sake of tactical advantage, and graphically demonstrates the stupidity of demonization.
Forsythe: "If within us there is nothing above us, we soon succumb to what is around us.
Also, young people, unfamiliar with danger, often discount the likelihood that they will succumb to illness or injury.
Taking antibiotics when you're not sick can lead to drug resistance, in which bacteria mutate and don't succumb to medicines meant to kill them.
Of course it is possible to fool ourselves--to hear voices of delusion and self-interest, to succumb to peer pressure and the spirit of the age.