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bring (something) to a successful conclusion

To complete something with a positive or favorable outcome. Although we struggled to finish the presentation on time, we were able to bring it to a successful conclusion.

bring something to a successful conclusion

to complete something successfully. They brought the battle to a successful conclusion. The case was brought to a successful conclusion by the prosecutor.
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assessing the successfulness of internal controls which ease the risk factors.
Points and grades for valorization of the 5th and the 6th grade girls' successfulness (overall sample of girls) and the selected girls of the 5th (SEL 5 G) and the 6th grade (SEL 6 G) of the elementary school in chosen (statistically significant) tests of basic and specific motor abilities.
The successfulness of the Regular candidates witnessed 90.
In-kind contributions fund The prominent and amazing thing is the cooperation situation between the people in Taiz who demanded with the change and who raced to give the kind contribution through the revolution fund and the committee such as generators, trunks of water, tents, blankets, audio systems and other means of support to keep the sit-in and its successfulness.
For those lined up, they were preparing to make a definitive personal statement on how they judged the successfulness of 54 years of a united Sudan.
al (1999) had studied Alkaline/Surfactant flooding in Cambridge Minnelusa, first they used the method in laboratory then they simulated it with GCOMP, after examining the successfulness of this project, they utilize it in the field.
The successful achievement of educational objectives depends largely on the successfulness of co-ordination among all parties concerned.
Criteria published in (Brauer-Burchardt, 2004) have been used to quantify successfulness of correction.
When we speak about an educational institution culture, we usually connect it with school successfulness.
During the concluding pray he asked blessing and forgiveness from Almighty Allah and successfulness of Pakistan.
In our analysis we sought to find out to what extent the electoral system is influencing the successfulness of independent candidates and non-partisan lists.
9 it is obvious, that EPDA algorithm reaches a recovery successfulness of all paths with value approximately 83 %, even with SNR = 0 dB ([alpha] = 1.
Especially in case of chemical industry--as one of the most capital and knowledge intensive branches--co-operation highly influences the successfulness of the whole innovation process.
Eliminating these deterrents will more likely increase the successfulness in participation recruitment and retention of providers.