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bring (something) to a successful conclusion

To complete something with a positive or favorable outcome. Although we struggled to finish the presentation on time, we were able to bring it to a successful conclusion.
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bring something to a successful conclusion

to complete something successfully. They brought the battle to a successful conclusion. The case was brought to a successful conclusion by the prosecutor.
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tops the current list, with 30 completed successful missions to the moon or its orbit between 1959 and 2013, according to OMG Space.
For Block-5 Punjab SPEC was successful bidder with the offer of 120 WU, followed by PPL with 101 WU.For block-28 North SPEC was successful bidder who offered 120 WU followed by no one.For block Musakhel the Joint venture of OGDCL and PPL was the successful bidders with the offer of 601 WU followed by OGIL 110 WU and SPEC120 WU.
In case of a successful referendum, the main issue will immediately be transferred to the Parliament.
Yesterday was last day for the successful candidates to submit the declarations of incurred expenses on their electoral campaign to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
ISLAMABAD -- ECP will issue notifications of all successful candidates in General Election 2018 by August 7.
Islamabad -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will issue notifications of all successful candidates in General Election 2018 by August 7.
All successful candidates are bound to submit their expenditure detail within 10 days of polling while non-successful candidates are required to be submitted expenditure detail within 30 days.
ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced that Saturday is the last day for successful candidates to submit the details of their expenses incurred on their election campaign.
The truth is, anyone can be successful, if willing to pay the required price.
A statement issued here on Friday said that 177 candidates had appeared in the B.A Law part I exams in which 86 were declared successful while pass percentage remained 48.59.
EDUCATEDbrHere is a woman who held an impressive portfolio as a media manager in one of Kenya's most successful media organisations.
Successful people have several things in common -- things they do that help them become successful and things they don't do.
The Echo has obtained figures showing just one in 15 appeals made against primary school admission decisions in Cardiff last year were successful. In some years, it is even lower.
Can you highlight someone successful who is not an entrepreneur?
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