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at the summit of (one's) success

At the highest possible degree of success at a given point in time; in the most prosperous, prodigious, or prestigious position that can be achieved. The actress, who is at the summit of her success at the moment, is hoping to get involved in other fields of interest. The business is at the summit of success, supplying nearly every industrialized country at the moment.
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be a howling success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a howling success. My business was a howling success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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be a roaring success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a roaring success. My business was a roaring success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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fail of success

To not reach a goal or accomplishment. I know you worked hard on the fundraiser, so I'm really sorry to hear that you failed of success. After not making the team last year, I'm really hoping I don't fail of success this time around.
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success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone

Success is achieved through dedication and effort, not hopes and dreams or wishful thinking. You need to work on your writing every single day if you really want to be a famous author because success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone.
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success has many fathers, failure is an orphan

People are quick to associate themselves with successful ventures and distance themselves from failures. A: "All the people who were so excited about this project in the beginning now act like they've never even heard of it." B: "Well, success has many fathers, failure is an orphan."
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dress for success

To dress nicely, in the hope of inviting success in a particular area. I dressed for success in a suit and tie, but I don't think the recruiter was very impressed with me.
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What price (something)?

A question indicating one's doubt that an achievement is or was worth the cost in terms of the problems it has led to or the sacrifices that it required. Most commonly seen in the phrase "What price fame?" When you have to have a security detail just to go to the grocery store, you have to ask: What price fame? What price wealth, when you sell out everything you believe in along the way?
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nothing succeeds like success

Initial success provides the resources and fosters the circumstances for further success. After their surprise championship victory, the team was suddenly flooded with support from the state and went on to become a powerhouse in the region. Nothing succeeds like success, as they say.

the sweet smell of success

The euphoric feeling of being successful or victorious. We had the sweet smell of success in our nostrils, until a last-minute penalty snatched the victory from our fingertips. It seems like they've let the sweet smell of success cloud their judgment, as this latest business ventures is one of the most baffling in their entire history.
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key to success

Fig. the secret to someone's success. Bob said that the key to his success is working hard, being on time, and being extremely lucky.
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Nothing succeeds like success.

Prov. If you have succeeded in the past, you will continue to be successful in the future. After Alan's brilliant courtroom victory, everyone wanted to be his client. Nothing succeeds like success.

howling success

A tremendous triumph, as in Their first play was a howling success. This colloquial expression employs howling in the sense of "very pronounced" or "glaring," a usage dating from the mid-1800s.
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nothing succeeds like success

success leads to opportunities for further and greater successes. proverb

a recipe for diˈsaster, sucˈcess, etc.

a method or an idea that seems likely to have a particular result: That idea sounds like a recipe for disaster.What’s her recipe for success?
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a ˌroaring sucˈcess

(informal) a very great success: The band was such a roaring success that they have been asked to stay for an extra week.His movies haven’t exactly been a roaring success, have they?
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nothing sucˌceeds like sucˈcess

(saying) success encourages you and often leads to more success: The first task the students do should be one they are likely to do well. This is because nothing succeeds like success.

the sweet smell of sucˈcess

(informal) the pleasant feeling of being successful
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Although there are many possible reasons why students succeed or fail in class, students usually attribute their academic successes and failures to either ability, effort, or luck (Graham, 1984; Weiner, 1984).
It is important that traditionally unsuccessful students recognize that the successes they experience in the classroom are the direct result of their effort, not luck.
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This is an excellent way for travel leaders to get unbiased feedback about the obstacles and successes of implementing e-Travel.
Recent studies show that most of today's companies achieve commercial success with only 53 percent of their new products, and those successes account for about 25 percent of the firms' overall sales and profits.
s' extraordinary achievements and successes," said Jeff Young, executive vice president of global operations at Great Plains.
In this way each IP Family is developed only on the basis of a successful design project, and each can grow and expand with additional project successes in that application area.
Coming off the best year in its 21 year history, Virgin Records turned in record profits in 1995 with a number of worldwide artist successes.
New Virgin releases from Smashing Pumpkins and rap-hit Scarface achieved great successes in the U.
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