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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Prov. You have to keep trying until you get what you want. Jill: I spent all morning trying to fix the computer, and it still won't work. Jane: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. You'll learn that dance step eventually. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
See also: again, first, if, try

Nothing succeeds like success.

Prov. If you have succeeded in the past, you will continue to be successful in the future. After Alan's brilliant courtroom victory, everyone wanted to be his client. Nothing succeeds like success.

succeed as something

to flourish or prosper as a type of person. I hope I succeed as a bank teller. Jamie succeeded as an investigator.
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succeed at something

to prosper or flourish in some task. I hope I can succeed at the task you have assigned me. I am sure you will succeed at it.
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succeed in something

to prosper or flourish in some position or office. I hope you succeed in your new job. We knew you would succeed in doing what you wanted to do.
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succeed someone as something

to take the place of someone as something; to supplant someone in something. Jeff will succeed Claude as president of the organization. You are not allowed to succeed yourself as president.
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succeed to something

to fall heir to something; to take something over. Carl will succeed to the throne when he is of age. Mary succeeded to the throne at the age of three months.
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if at first you don't succeed, try, try again

Don't let a first-time failure stop further attempts. For example, I know it's hard at first to shift gears without stalling but if at first you don't succeed . . . This seemingly ancient adage was first recorded only in 1840 but has become so well known that it is often shortened.
See also: again, first, if, try

succeed in

To accomplish something desired or intended: I'm sure you will succeed in your new project. They succeeded in convincing the jury of their innocence.
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succeed to

To replace another in some office or position: The princess succeeded to the throne after her father's death and became queen.
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Michel Barre is appointed CEO of Orange Madagascar, succeeding Jean-Luc Bohe;
succeeding Patricia Tolbert, appointed for a term beginning September 29, 2008, and ending July 1, 2012.
Several of them talked about school coming easy to them but that a lack of motivation had kept them from truly succeeding.
71-21, which provided that accrual-method taxpayers could defer inclusion in gross income of payments received in one tax year for services to be performed by the end of the next succeeding tax year.
Under the proposed procedure, a taxpayermay report in taxable income either (1) the full amount of advance payments in the year received (the full-inclusion method) or (2) such payments in the year received, to the extent included for financial-reporting purposes, with the remainder reported in the next succeeding tax year (the deferral method).
Richard Parry-Jones has been named group vice president - Product Development, succeeding Jim Englehart, who has announced his intention to retire.
Dealing with a LD and succeeding despite the struggles is difficult, but not impossible.
The hurdles to succeeding in Japan are high, but not insurmountable," notes Winder.
CHEPA's college access program aims to increase the number of underrepresented students gaining admission to and succeeding at selective colleges and universities.
Brodeur, 33, of Sanford, account executive for Procter & Gamble, succeeding Juan Lopez-Campillo, appointed for a term beginning September 11, 2008, and ending July 1, 2011.
7503 applies only if (1) the last day prescribed falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday and (2) the taxpayer files on the next succeeding day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.
Atchinson was appointed executive director of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, succeeding Paul J.
plant manager of its Bay City, Michigan, components plant, succeeding William R.
Morales has been selected to represent Southern California in the Every Student Succeeding Recognition program.
Kniebes was elected an officer of Ford Credit and named vice president-New Business Development, succeeding Mr.