succeed to (something)

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succeed to (something)

To take over some title, throne, or position in place of someone else as designated by the political, royal, or corporate hierarchy. The first-born son of the queen is expected to succeed to the throne upon her death. So far in the country's history, only eight people have ever succeeded to the presidency through the death or resignation of their predecessors.
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succeed to something

to fall heir to something; to take something over. Carl will succeed to the throne when he is of age. Mary succeeded to the throne at the age of three months.
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succeed to

To replace another in some office or position: The princess succeeded to the throne after her father's death and became queen.
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The IRS contended that P is entitled to carry forward qualified NOLs only to years occurring after the bankruptcy termination; P argued that he can apply bankruptcy estate losses that he succeeded to at confirmation, to any year after bankruptcy commencement.
1398 and 172 do not circumscribe P's ability to carry, forward pre-petition NOLs that he succeeded to from the bankruptcy estate.
1398(g)(6),"[i]n the case of an asset acquired by the estate from the debtor, the basis, holding period and character it had in the hands of the debtor," would be succeeded to and taken into account by the estate.