succeed in

succeed in (something)

1. To complete or accomplish something as one desires, hopes, or intends. During my time as the regional manager, I succeeded in implementing a new sales technique that quadrupled our profit in the space of two years. We succeeded in convincing the board of directors to extend our grant for another 12 months.
2. To find success in some job, role, endeavor, opportunity, etc. We have every faith that you'll succeed in the new role—we wouldn't have promoted you if we felt otherwise. Hillary's really succeeding in her new business.
See also: succeed

succeed in something

to prosper or flourish in some position or office. I hope you succeed in your new job. We knew you would succeed in doing what you wanted to do.
See also: succeed

succeed in

To accomplish something desired or intended: I'm sure you will succeed in your new project. They succeeded in convincing the jury of their innocence.
See also: succeed
References in classic literature ?
But whether he should succeed in that mode of contributing to the majority on the right side was very doubtful to him.
They hoped that Kashmiris would succeed in their efforts for freedom.
Talking to The Nation, PML-N MPA Ch Ashraf Warraich and tehsil general secretary Haji Amanullah Warraich said that the PTI chairman would not succeed in his 'false' propaganda against the PML-N leadership.
The minister said China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be completed and enemies of the country would never succeed in their nefarious designs.
I think what's more important is getting into a market that you know you're going to succeed in with the right infrastructure.
So even if the sit-ins succeed in closing supplies through Peshawar, the southern route would remain open.
But with big money now for those who succeed in cricket's shortest form, the benchmark of a successful season has changed for many.
John will discuss how brokers can succeed in a buyers versus sellers market.
When you succeed in ignoring their dependence on the gallery ceiling and walls--they're suspended midair by steel or aluminum rods that are light but still a little too clunky--the works take on a sense of circuitry or plumbing liberated from its host body or structure.
I believe that the ACA will succeed in this effort, so I have pledged a contribution each year for the next five years.
Topics discussed include competition, mergers and acquisitions, and the development of customer demand; and a number of companies are identified that are considered well positioned to succeed in the current market.
Needless to say, both my husband and I are alarmed by this turn of events and will not allow our daughter to develop an eating disorder to succeed in dance.
The question is: can grassroots immigrant rights organizing succeed in rebuilding a principled legalization movement?
A lot of myths have been embraced, for lack of real knowledge and understanding about how to succeed in this new world.
To succeed in the Border Patrol, you need common sense and determination.