succeed at

succeed at something

to prosper or flourish in some task. I hope I can succeed at the task you have assigned me. I am sure you will succeed at it.
See also: succeed
References in classic literature ?
Also, to succeed at the writing game, I found I had to unlearn about everything the teachers and professors of literature of the high school and university had taught me.
I know that I am going to succeed at a four-year university or any other school I decide to attend.
The Japanese drive arises from a strong nationalism and desire to succeed at any cost.
1,500,000 to the University of Manchester, the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham to replicate the Masterclass program, which prepares talented secondary school students from disadvantaged urban backgrounds to enroll and succeed at top universities across the UK.
1,400,000 to the Asian University for Women to launch the Bangladesh-based university's Access Program, which identifies and prepares high-potential secondary school graduates from across Asia to succeed at AUW and beyond.
250,000 to Columbia University to support its Double Discovery Center, which prepares academically promising students from underrepresented backgrounds to gain admission to and succeed at selective colleges and universities.