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if at first you don't succeed, try, try again

Always continue to keep trying after an initial failure or setback, since success does not usually occur immediately. A: "We spent all this time building it, and now it doesn't even work! I'm so done." B: "Oh, come on, you probably just need to make some minor adjustments. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
See also: again, first, if, try

nothing succeeds like success

Initial success provides the resources and fosters the circumstances for further success. After their surprise championship victory, the team was suddenly flooded with support from the state and went on to become a powerhouse in the region. Nothing succeeds like success, as they say.

succeed in (something)

1. To complete or accomplish something as one desires, hopes, or intends. During my time as the regional manager, I succeeded in implementing a new sales technique that quadrupled our profit in the space of two years. We succeeded in convincing the board of directors to extend our grant for another 12 months.
2. To find success in some job, role, endeavor, opportunity, etc. We have every faith that you'll succeed in the new role—we wouldn't have promoted you if we felt otherwise. Hillary's really succeeding in her new business.
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succeed to (something)

To take over some title, throne, or position in place of someone else as designated by the political, royal, or corporate hierarchy. The first-born son of the queen is expected to succeed to the throne upon her death. So far in the country's history, only eight people have ever succeeded to the presidency through the death or resignation of their predecessors.
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succeed as (something)

1. To accomplish what is desired, intended, or required for some type of person or thing. The movie is undoubtedly gorgeous to look at, but without a strong narrative, it simply doesn't succeed as a thriller. You don't have to be a business genius to succeed as the manager of a company.
2. To replace someone or something in some position, role, office, etc. Our current president of marketing, Janet, is going to succeed Reggie as president and COO of the company. The eldest son will succeed him as king. The new model will succeed the P18 as the company's new flagship phone.
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succeed at (something)

1. To flourish, thrive, or prosper at some occupation, task, or endeavor. You've got to have a lot of dedication and commitment if you want to succeed at writing. I know that you'll succeed at anything you put your mind to.
2. To accomplish some desired, intended, or required action or task. The company has succeeded at becoming one of the most powerful in the entire country. The computer-generated effects are indeed stunning, but the film also succeeds at telling a compelling, emotionally rich story.
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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Prov. You have to keep trying until you get what you want. Jill: I spent all morning trying to fix the computer, and it still won't work. Jane: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. You'll learn that dance step eventually. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
See also: again, first, if, try

Nothing succeeds like success.

Prov. If you have succeeded in the past, you will continue to be successful in the future. After Alan's brilliant courtroom victory, everyone wanted to be his client. Nothing succeeds like success.

succeed as something

to flourish or prosper as a type of person. I hope I succeed as a bank teller. Jamie succeeded as an investigator.
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succeed at something

to prosper or flourish in some task. I hope I can succeed at the task you have assigned me. I am sure you will succeed at it.
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succeed in something

to prosper or flourish in some position or office. I hope you succeed in your new job. We knew you would succeed in doing what you wanted to do.
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succeed someone as something

to take the place of someone as something; to supplant someone in something. Jeff will succeed Claude as president of the organization. You are not allowed to succeed yourself as president.
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succeed to something

to fall heir to something; to take something over. Carl will succeed to the throne when he is of age. Mary succeeded to the throne at the age of three months.
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if at first you don't succeed, try, try again

Don't let a first-time failure stop further attempts. For example, I know it's hard at first to shift gears without stalling but if at first you don't succeed . . . This seemingly ancient adage was first recorded only in 1840 but has become so well known that it is often shortened.
See also: again, first, if, try

nothing succeeds like success

success leads to opportunities for further and greater successes. proverb

nothing sucˌceeds like sucˈcess

(saying) success encourages you and often leads to more success: The first task the students do should be one they are likely to do well. This is because nothing succeeds like success.

succeed in

To accomplish something desired or intended: I'm sure you will succeed in your new project. They succeeded in convincing the jury of their innocence.
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succeed to

To replace another in some office or position: The princess succeeded to the throne after her father's death and became queen.
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Activity Score: The activity score for a given goal is the sum of the antecedent score and the succedent score.
Entre mars et novembre 1918, alors que l'offensive allemande et la contre-offensive alliee se succedent, les sentiments profonds des travailleurs parisiens se revelent.
Apres, les roles se succedent dans d'autres pieces, entre autres [beaucoup moins que]Dawama[beaucoup plus grand que] de Zaki Alaoui, [beaucoup moins que]l'homme qui a menti aux anges[beaucoup plus grand que] realisee par Mohamed Kaghat.
Les greves en Tunisie se succedent, ne se ressemblent pas et ne se terminent pas.
Les violations de la treve se succedent a un rythme infernal.
Si les scenes se succedent selon un principe de nonlinearite, ce n'est pas dire toutefois qu'une certaine narrativite n'est pas a l'oeuvre.
Les oujdis succedent au palmares de l'epreuve a l'equipe de l'Academie Mohammed VI (AMF), qui s'etait imposee en finale 2012 contre le Difaa El Jadida (3-2).
Le batiment recouvert de bois clair est presque pret, et les camions s'y succedent pour livrer meubles et pieces de collection.
Deceptions et espoirs se succedent leurs efforts sont souvent reduits en cendres, mais aux Philippines tout an moins, pointe la releve.
Sauf que ca ne s'est pas vraiment passe comme La Tunisie abrite, les 23 et 24 avril courant, le premier Forum international des hommes et femmes d'affaires pour l'investissement et le commerce entre les pays, lequel sera place sous Les greves en Tunisie se succedent, ne se ressemblent pas et ne se terminent pas.
Des l'ouverture a 8h30 jusqu'a sa fermeture a 15h30, des clients se succedent pour acheter les livres necessaires a la scolarite de leurs enfants.
Mais avec tous les evenements malheureux qui se succedent en Egypte, le ballon rond pourra-t-il conserver son influence typique ?!
Quatre periodes se succedent, faconnees par des imperatifs d'Etat parfois contradictoires: nationalisme, maoisme, scientifisation-modernisation-technologisation, economie de marche, heritage culturel.