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subtract from (something)

1. To remove or be removed from a number or tally. You have to subtract from the variable before you multiply because of the parentheses. They said they would be willing to offer us complimentary champagne rather than subtracting from our bill.
2. To diminish or detract from something. Thankfully the somewhat contrived plot doesn't subtract from the film's energy and charm. The star captain's absence really subtracted from the team's performance, perhaps more so than any of us might have guessed.
3. To remove someone, something, or a number from a group or larger thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "subtract" and "from." You can only subtract the expenses that were used specifically for business purposes from your tax return. We didn't order any movies from our room, so please subtract these charges from the bill. If we subtract out closest family and friends from the guest list, we're left with nearly 150 people.
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subtract something from (something else)

to deduct or take away something from something else. Please subtract the cost of the meal from my fee. I demanded that they subtract the extra charge from my bill.
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Subtract cash payments (not noncash expenses such as depreciation and amortization) made for operating expenses reported on the income statement after making adjustments arising from accrual accounting.
Add increase in LIFO reserve or subtract decrease in LIFO reserve.
With this enhancement, users can automatically add or subtract chemical amounts directly from the balance, saving time and improving the accuracy of tracking inventory on precious chemicals.
Then decide to add or subtract this value from the coordinate, depending on the cutter position.
Add them together and then subtract 97 from that total and continue to subtract 97 until a minus number is reached.
It allows developed countries to subtract CO2 amounts absorbed through afforestation and reforestation conducted since 1990.
2) then subtract the number you started with from the total.
But in the year 2000, the computer would subtract 81 from 00.
Thus a 40-year-old swimmer would subtract 40 plus 13 from 220 and get a maximum rate of 167, and then take 60 to 80% of that to get a training range of 100 to 134.
X then continues: The activities for which I would most like to use a computer are: To add or subtract very quickly.
In 1642 the French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) invented a calculating machine that could add and subtract.
With its emphasis on building practical problem-solving skills (including the ability to quickly perform basic addition and subtraction), Count, Add, Subtract is a wonderful choice for educational or home use, highly recommended especially as an educational for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school music CD collections.
Subtract the value of I, the third letter of THIRTEEN, from the value of V, the third letter of SEVEN: 22 - 9 = 13.
An easy way to think about sums like this is to subtract one from the 100 or 1000 number and then add it back on at the end of the calculation.