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sub for someone or something

to substitute for someone or something. I have to sub for Roger at work this weekend. Will pliers sub for the wrench you wanted?
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sub someone for (someone else)

 and sub something for something else
to substitute someone for someone else or something for something else. I will sub Chuck for Roger for this next play only. We will sub the red ones for the blue ones.
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substitute for someone or something

to serve as a replacement for someone or something. I have to substitute for Roger at work this weekend. Do you think that this will substitute for the one you wanted?
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substitute someone for (someone else)

 and substitute something for something else
to exchange someone or something for someone or something else; to replace someone or something with someone or something else. Shall I substitute Fred for Mary in the front office? Please substitute fish for beef on my dinner order.
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Then, say I, in the first place, that the Confederation is chargeable with the still greater folly of declaring certain powers in the federal government to be absolutely necessary, and at the same time rendering them absolutely nugatory; and, in the next place, that if the Union is to continue, and no better government be substituted, effective powers must either be granted to, or assumed by, the existing Congress; in either of which events, the contrast just stated will hold good.
9984, which states: The substitute for a candidate who died or is disqualified by final judgment, may file a [certificate of candidacy] up to mid-day of election day (May 9) provided that, the substitute and the substituted have the same surnames.
coli outbreak and substituted other greens where feasible.
Regarding any horses you get rid of, points scored by those horses, up to and including the date of being substituted, will continue to count in your overall total.
One study from Spain, compared two diets--one a normal Mediterranean diet, another the same diet but with walnuts substituted for some of the olive oil and other high fat foods.
The rehabilitation professional and guardian must ascertain their clients preferences before a substituted decision can be made.