substitute for

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substitute someone for (someone else)

 and substitute something for something else
to exchange someone or something for someone or something else; to replace someone or something with someone or something else. Shall I substitute Fred for Mary in the front office? Please substitute fish for beef on my dinner order.
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substitute for someone or something

to serve as a replacement for someone or something. I have to substitute for Roger at work this weekend. Do you think that this will substitute for the one you wanted?
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Veggie-burgers run the gamut from those which truly substitute for the taste, texture and appearance of beef to patties whose only hamburger-like trait is the ability to fit nicely on a bun.
Yet, there are still some suppliers and users who argue that while cadmium-free alternatives can come close, there's just no substitute for cadmium colorants in certain applications and in certain resin systems.
Where a cadmium pigment might cost about 10/lb, an organic substitute for that pigment could range from $16-$30/lb.
is a leader in developing an oxygen-carrying red blood cell substitute for the treatment of life-threatening blood loss, when an oxygen-carrying fluid is required and red blood cells are not available.
Never institute integrated science as a substitute for biology, chemistry, physics and earth and space science courses.
The University of California and the California State University as well as all other colleges and universities should immediately withdraw approval of integrated science as a substitute for the standard courses until it is proved that there is uniform quality and substance to LAUSD's integrated science offerings.
The feat may help scientists create an inexpensive, disease-free substitute for human blood, say researchers at DNX Corp.
OTCBB: SGNC), a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the development of an oxygen-carrying synthetic substitute for human red blood cells, announced that it is convening its Medical Advisory Board in California early next month to discuss the final selection of a contract research organization to initiate and run its animal testing, and the selection of PHER-O2 manufacturer.
In short, LeFevre says, "We do not have materials today that we could substitute for asbestos linings that would allow us to build vehicles that meet the brake standards in place" -- though "we ought to be able to do it within 10 [years].
Within the field of orthopedics, CeraPedics initially intends to position CerOss P-15 as a bone graft substitute for use in spinal and trauma applications.
The article, "Oxygen Therapeutics (Blood Substitutes) in Cardiac Surgery," stated that Oxycyte, along with two other new perfluorocarbon blood substitutes, is "the promise for the future" as an effective blood substitute for cardiac surgery patients.
NASDAQ: ATIS) today announced that it has received FDA approval to begin a pivotal clinical trial investigating the use of its core technology, a human fibroblast-derived dermal substitute, as a substitute for a soft tissue graft during periodontal surgery.
A synthetic substitute for autograft in spinal fusion is a major unmet medical need because the autograft harvesting procedure increases surgery time, can cause chronic hip pain and deformity, a longer hospital stay and post-operative disability.
Our 100% pure and natural Amazon sweetener is the perfect sugar substitute for calorie restricted diets, people suffering from diabetes, those individuals who choose not to use regular cane or diet sweeteners.