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sub for someone or something

to substitute for someone or something. I have to sub for Roger at work this weekend. Will pliers sub for the wrench you wanted?
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sub someone for (someone else)

 and sub something for something else
to substitute someone for someone else or something for something else. I will sub Chuck for Roger for this next play only. We will sub the red ones for the blue ones.
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substitute for someone or something

to serve as a replacement for someone or something. I have to substitute for Roger at work this weekend. Do you think that this will substitute for the one you wanted?
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substitute someone for (someone else)

 and substitute something for something else
to exchange someone or something for someone or something else; to replace someone or something with someone or something else. Shall I substitute Fred for Mary in the front office? Please substitute fish for beef on my dinner order.
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Section 19 says: If the death or disqualification should occur between the day before the election and mid-day of election day, the substitute candidate may file a COC with any board of election inspectors, election officers, provincial election supervisor or regional election director, as the case may be, in the political subdivision where such person is a candidate.
Tacoma Public Schools in Washington recently implemented more rigor to its substitute services process to reduce teaching absences and improve substitute quality.
USPRwire, Tue Nov 24 2015] Sugar Substitutes Market by Type (HIS, LIS, HFS), Composition (Stevia, Aspartame, Cyclamate, Sucralose, Saccharin, AceK, D-Tagarose, Sorbitol, Maltitol, Xylitol, Mannitol), Application (Beverages, Food, Health & Personal Care), & by Region - Forecast to 2020
CHICAGO -- Autologous engineered skin substitutes reduce mortality and donor-site harvesting in children who have extensive, deep burns, according to results of a randomized, paired-site comparison.
The following season, 2003/04, he also scored three times as a substitute.
This has been achieved using salt substitutes, by creating texture-taste interactions, and by boosting intensity with flavor boosters or salty aromas.
In a May 2006 article in The Seattle Times, teacher John Foley says, "I always tell my students to be nice and respectful to the substitute teacher, and they usually greet my directive with smiles.
UTLA Vice President Josh Pechthalt emphasized that the union's policy is to pay for substitutes when teachers want to campaign.
At a mini-mill, ferrous scrap or scrap substitutes would be the feedstock material.
One only needs to think of the number and types of books, print, television ads, and Web sites dealing with obesity and weight loss programs to understand the concept of substitute services.
To facilitate check truncation and electronic check exchange, the Check 21 Act authorizes a new negotiable instrument called a "substitute check" and provides that a properly prepared substitute check is the legal equivalent of the original check for all purposes.
Los Angeles substitute teacher Robert Rivers uses a technique for controlling unruly classes that could have been inspired by Hollywood: He phones home.
OTTAWA -- Is a parent's work, and the use of substitute child-care associated with a lower level of development of the skills that pre-school children need to start school?
The "utter chaos" and "ineffective outsiders" were the substitute teachers brought in to maintain the classroom during salary disputes.