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subscribe to (something)

1. Literally, to sign up to receive something on a regular basis; to have a subscription to something, such as a newspaper, magazine, monthly product, etc. You should subscribe to our newsletter if you're interested in our other projects. I subscribed to the local newspaper years ago, but I barely read it anymore.
2. To very strongly support, approve of, or agree with an opinion or policy. I no longer subscribe to the all the same beliefs as my parents, but that doesn't mean we don't share some values. Bill and his wife subscribe to the notion that disciplining children in any way, shape, or form will harm their emotional development.
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subscribe to something

1. to agree with a policy. I don't subscribe to the scheme you have just described. You don't have to subscribe to the policy to accept it.
2. to hold a standing order for a magazine or other periodical, or for a computer service. I subscribe to three magazines, and I enjoy them all. I don't subscribe to any of them anymore.
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subscribe to

1. Contract to receive and pay for a given number of issues of a periodical, for tickets to a series of performances, or for a utility service. For example, We subscribe to the local paper, or Betty and I have been subscribing to this concert series for years, or We have no choice; we have to subscribe to the local power company.
2. Feel or express approval of, as in I subscribe to your opinion but I don't think Donald does. [Mid-1500s]
3. Promise to pay or contribute money to, as in We subscribe to many charities. [Mid-1600s] All of these usages come from subscribe in the sense of "sign one's name to something, such as a pledge."
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subscribe to

1. To have some periodical delivered or made available on a regular basis: Since you're building a lot of furniture, you should subscribe to the new woodworking magazine that comes out every month. I subscribe to an Internet news site.
2. To feel or express hearty approval for something: Corporal punishment is not an idea I personally subscribe to, but I can see how others might approve of it.
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Some 6% of pay-TV subscribers are likely to disconnect from their provider and not subscribe to any TV service in the next six months.
During the trading period, holders of rights who do not wish to subscribe to new shares still have the option to sell all or part of their rights.
During the trading period, holders of rights who do not wish to subscribe to new shares will have the option to sell all or part of their rights.
Customers may also subscribe to unlimited SVOD programming packages from Disney Family Movies for USD4.99 a month and Saavn for USD7.99 a month.
New postpaid customers can conveniently subscribe to the MyPlan service for AED125, by visiting Etisalat's website www.
"We're pleased to make it easier than ever before for our cable television customers on Long Island to subscribe to Long Island's daily newspaper, Newsday, through the launch of Newsday TV," John Trierweiler, Cablevision's senior vice president of product management, said in a statement.
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The abbreviation is variously used to refer to the following standards: Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or Real-time Simple Syndication." No matter how many technical standards it stands for, RSS provides an easy way to subscribe to news feed available on websites to receive updates in an RSS reader or aggregator as soon as they are published.
Salt Lake City commercial real estate professionals who subscribe to CoStar Property(r) also will be able to access CoStar's entire national inventory of more than 84,000 for-sale listings, which is up more than 61% year to date.
Do you subscribe to Black Issues Book Review or did you purchase this issue on the newsstand?
After an aggregator is installed, you can subscribe to as many feeds as you wish, and updates are then displayed in your reader as Web pages (if you click on subscribe buttons before the software is installed, the computer-readable content will not make sense).
RSS is a marvelously elegant and simple way to subscribe to both blogs and news feeds and have every update pushed to your desktop without having to navigate the e-mail/spam jungle of overstuffed inboxes and filters."
A man I know quite well decided about a year ago to subscribe to Foreign Affairs, the prestigious journal of the Council on Foreign Relations.