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subpoena someone to do something

to formally deliver a document forcing someone to do something for a legal process. The attorney subpoenaed a number of witnesses to testify. I subpoenaed four witnesses to appear but none of them showed up.
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Because Birch acts simply as a conduit to Internet content, the court found that the rights owners could not use the DMCA subpoenas to obtain subscriber information.
Interest in granting military authorities pre-referral subpoena power grew alongside the congressional focus on sex crimes in the military and the increasing complexity of crimes prosecuted at courts-martial.
Do not assume that the subpoena is proper just because it appears to be legal.
The New York Credit Union Association of New York strongly backed the measure, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D-Metropolitan) and Senator Stephen Saland (R-Catskill/Hudson) because many credit unions had been "inundated," with subpoenas by law firms and debt collectors, according to William J.
As a result, given the latitude in these criteria, it is difficult for an employer to win a challenge to the scope of an administrative subpoena based on the commonly asserted ground that the information is not relevant to an employee complaint.
A deposition subpoena commands a witness, either by name or as the "person most knowledgeable" regarding specified subjects, to appear in person and testify regarding those subjects.
Citing a concurring opinion in Hay Group, the second circuit in Life Receivables commented that, under section 7, the arbitrators have the power to (1) issue a subpoena to a nonparty; (2) convene a hearing to require that nonparty produce its documents to the arbitrators; and (3) adjourn the hearing, with or without testimony from the witness, after the documents have been tendered.
Michael's estate lawyer Howard Weitzman is not pleased with the investigation, calling the subpoenas "clearly improper.
A week after that hearing and less than a month after serving the subpoena, the Justice Department decided to drop it, suddenly realizing "the grand jury can obtain the evidence necessary to its investigation from other sources.
Florida courts have held that a subpoena duces tecum is less intrusive than a search warrant.
If a nonparty files timely objections to a subpoena, an order to compel production is required, and such orders "shall protect [nonparties] from significant expense[.
The main exception to that rule occurs when the CPA is responding to a "validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons" or complying "with applicable laws and government regulations.
Another sign of an impending investigation may be the receipt of a grand jury subpoena.
The library's lawyers turned down the request, and agents came back with a subpoena.