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subordinate to (someone or something)

1. adjective Subject to the control or authority of someone or something else. They want me to oversee all day-to-day duties of this branch, but I'll still be subordinate to the regional manager. The strength of an economic market is still subordinate to that country's level of industrialization.
2. adjective Lesser or inferior in importance or authority compared to someone or something else; secondary to someone or something. Right now I consider those issues to be subordinate to having a good first impression from consumers. It can be hard when you feel subordinate to some of the other people in you
3. verb To cause someone, something, or oneself controlled by or subservient to someone or something else. The buyout will subordinate their company to the massive conglomerate that purchased them. He wasn't willing to subordinate himself to the board of directors, so they forced him to resign.
4. verb To make someone, something, or oneself lesser, inferior, or secondary to someone or something else. You're never going to get ahead in this industry if you keep subordinating yourself to others. You've got to believe in yourself, or else no one else will. It's clear that they subordinated safety to aesthetics when they were designing this car.
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subordinate someone or something to (someone or something else)

to put someone in an inferior position to someone else; to put something in an inferior position to something else. I am going to have to subordinate you to the other manager, because she has more experience. The first thing you learn is that you must subordinate yourself to your boss.
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The positioning of the rating of the notes is expected to be one notch lower than the bank's current Ba3 foreign-currency "plain vanilla" subordinated debt rating, or two notches below the bank's adjusted BCA of ba2, which is in line with Moody's standard notching guidance for subordinated debt with loss triggered at the point of non-viability, on a contractual basis.
They now incorporate Basel III-compliant non-viability language, allowing future subordinated note drawdowns to be considered as Tier 2 capital, in accordance with the standards of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) as they will apply at the time of any future issuance.
"The downgrade of the subordinated debt ratings is driven by Moody's view that the risk profile of junior debt instruments has increased, given global regulatory trends of imposing losses on junior creditors as part of bank bailouts orchestrated by governments," Moody's said.
An FSC official noted that disqualified capital consists mainly of subordinated bonds and deferred income-tax assets; the former has wider influence, while the latter applies to only a number of banks.
The agency lowered FIH Erhvervsbank's junior subordinated debt and junior subordinated EMTN programme ratings (Upper Tier 2) to B2, with a "negative" outlook, from B1.
The company will pay a quarterly interest of USD0.459375 per subordinated note.
The term loan was amortized over 10 years and the subordinated debt over five years.
Section III discusses the advantages of accomplishing this by increasing reliance on subordinated debt in a banks' capital structure and discusses what adjustments to the current regulatory structure would be necessary to reap the full benefits of such a proposal.
The report to the Congress, required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, called for continued research and, most important, continued evaluation of financial institution supervisors' experience in using information derived from voluntarily issued subordinated debt.
The agreement, which requires court approval, provides no recoveries for holders of convertible subordinated debt, convertible trust issued preferred securities, or common stock.
also intended a refinancing when it toasted the new year with a $150 million, 9 3/4-coupon senior subordinated debenture, but for different reasons.
In spite of its recent growth, subordinated or mezzanine debt is an often used and frequently misunderstood term in corporate finance.
* Pathmark selling $440 million of 9.63% senior subordinated notes and $120 million of junior subordinated deferred coupon notes, both due in the year 2003.
Chicago: After identifying an internal error, Fitch Ratings has downgraded the rating of National Bank of Canada's (NBC) subordinated debt issuance (ISIN # GB0046255393) to 'A' from 'A+'.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 12, 2018-CIT prices USD 1bn of senior unsecured notes and USD 400m of subordinated notes