submit to

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submit to

1. To surrender to the power or influence of someone or something. Any citizen who does not submit to the government's doctrines will be incarcerated immediately. I tried going on a diet, but I ended up submitting to my cravings for chocolate after just a few days.
2. To agree to some experience or process; to allow oneself to undergo something. As a sign of good faith to the investigators, he submitted to the police interview without protest. All applicants must submit to a thorough background check and drug screening to be considered for the position.
3. To present something for inspection, evaluation, or consideration by some person, group, or organization. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "submit" and "to." Be sure to submit your applications to the board before Friday if you want to be considered for the grant. I hope you don't mind, but I submitted your story to a national literary competition, because I think you have a real shot at winning!
4. To expose or subject someone or something to some process, condition, or effects. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "submit" and "to." We have seen in our clinical trials that submitting the tissue to this new kind of proton radiation kills the cancerous cells while damaging a minimal amount of healthy ones. I just don't want to submit him to any bullying based on the way he talks.

submit someone or something to something

to allow someone or something to undergo the effects of something. I hate to submit you to all this questioning, but that is the way we do things here. Don't submit your car to a lot of misuse.

submit to something

to surrender to something; to agree to something. He submitted to the cross-examination. She will probably refuse to submit to surgery.

submit to

1. To give in to some authority, power, or desire of another: The children are at a rebellious age and refuse to submit to the wishes of their parents.
2. To allow oneself to be subjected to something: The pledges submitted to the humiliation of the fraternity's hazing rituals.
References in classic literature ?
"Of course I submitted to him, because it was my duty; it was my feeling for him," said Dorothea, looking through the prism of her tears.
He submitted to be set right with ironical resignation.
MY BELOVED BARBARA ALEXIEVNA,--I hasten to let you know that Rataziaev has found me some work to do for a certain writer--the latter having submitted to him a large manuscript.
This economy enabled him to buy a satisfactory decision when the cause of the quarrel was submitted to arbitration.
He could not understand how he had submitted to the dishonour of such a love; and when he thought of Mildred it was with angry hatred, because she had submitted him to so much humiliation.
The opportunities which some States would have of rendering others tributary to them by commercial regulations would be impatiently submitted to by the tributary States.
BNP assistant office secretary Taiful Islam Tipu told UNB that the fresh list of 'fictitious cases' was submitted to the PMO at 4:50pm and an official, Ruhul Amin, received it.
Speaking with Saturday Tribune on the telephone, spokesman to the INEC chairman, Mr Rotimi Oyekanmi, however said he did not know the name of the PDP deputy governorship nominee or when it was submitted to the commission.
Moreover, he produced the map submitted to the union council for the construction of house at 250 acres of land for which the authorities issued a certificate in 2003.
PTI counsel Saqlain Haider had told the bench that the foreign funding details would be submitted to the commission in two weeks.
PTI counsel Saqlain Haider said that the details of foreign funding will be submitted to the Commission in two weeks.
Written proof of claim may be submitted to an insurer by the EIP s representative (see 11 NYCRR 65-1.1), and the recipient of a properly executed prescribed authorization who submits proof of claim is clearly acting as the EIPs representative under those circumstances since the EIP retains "all rights, privileges and remedies." Accordingly, plaintiff, as the entity which submitted the claim forms to defendant, was obligated to submit to an EUO whether such entity be viewed as its patients assignee or as his representative.
Papers submitted for the competition may not be submitted to other publications or have previously been published.
Resignations were submitted to Deputy of Convene of Rabita Committee.
their economic and budgetary policies in a special message submitted to