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submit to

1. To surrender to the power or influence of someone or something. Any citizen who does not submit to the government's doctrines will be incarcerated immediately. I tried going on a diet, but I ended up submitting to my cravings for chocolate after just a few days.
2. To agree to some experience or process; to allow oneself to undergo something. As a sign of good faith to the investigators, he submitted to the police interview without protest. All applicants must submit to a thorough background check and drug screening to be considered for the position.
3. To present something for inspection, evaluation, or consideration by some person, group, or organization. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "submit" and "to." Be sure to submit your applications to the board before Friday if you want to be considered for the grant. I hope you don't mind, but I submitted your story to a national literary competition, because I think you have a real shot at winning!
4. To expose or subject someone or something to some process, condition, or effects. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "submit" and "to." We have seen in our clinical trials that submitting the tissue to this new kind of proton radiation kills the cancerous cells while damaging a minimal amount of healthy ones. I just don't want to submit him to any bullying based on the way he talks.

submit someone or something to something

to allow someone or something to undergo the effects of something. I hate to submit you to all this questioning, but that is the way we do things here. Don't submit your car to a lot of misuse.

submit to something

to surrender to something; to agree to something. He submitted to the cross-examination. She will probably refuse to submit to surgery.

submit to

1. To give in to some authority, power, or desire of another: The children are at a rebellious age and refuse to submit to the wishes of their parents.
2. To allow oneself to be subjected to something: The pledges submitted to the humiliation of the fraternity's hazing rituals.
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It should be noted that while DISAM maintains the research database to facilitate studies on topics of interest to the international affairs community, neither those who submit topics to be researched, nor DISAM, are to be considered research sponsors or advisors unless prior coordination has been accomplished.
During a calendar quarter, law enforcement agencies submit a Hate Crime Incident Report for each bias-motivated incident.
Talking to media, Additional Secretary ECP Fida Mohammad said ECP's relevant offices would remain open on Saturday to enable the parliamentarians to submit their annual accounts and liabilities' statement.
Previous regulations required employers to submit certain employees' Forms W-4 to the IRS on the agency's written request.
When you submit an SF 368, you'll receive an automatic close-out letter describing the solution taken at the time the PDQR is closed out.
Jennifer Canup, of the UTHSC-H's Office of Public Affairs, thinks the "instructions are very vague" on how to submit a school, and says, "Some campuses have even advertised to their students and faculty to submit their schools to Google," with no luck.
Requiring authors to submit microarray data to the public databases will provide a number of distinct advantages to the entire research community:
As long as they have the national Program's approval, agencies may use any of the previously mentioned electronic media to submit the data.
We describe a method that can improve the quality of surveillance data by identifying counties that submit lower numbers of animals for testing than their surrounding counties.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to submit the following comments on a legislative proposal to change the filing date for Form VA-6, Employer's Annual or Final Summary of Virginia Income Tax Withheld.
Conduit borrowers, underwriters, trustees or any other party with material interest in a bond issue are no longer permitted to submit rulings requests themselves.
Although Title IV now allows hospitals to submit clinical privileges adverse actions to the NPDB on nurses, HHS said that as of January 3, 1992, only 35 of 1,039 hospital clinical privileges reports were submitted for practitioners other than physicians and dentists.
For your planning purposes, DoD will submit FY04 award data to FPDS-NG via frequent data file submissions from the existing Defense Contract Action Data System (DCADS) and feeder system process that use the DD350 and DD1057 forms.