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submerge someone or something in something

to immerse someone or something in a liquid. The preacher submerged Jeff in the water of the river as part of the baptism ceremony. Submerge the fish in the marinade for at least two hours.
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submerge someone or something under something

to put someone or something below the surface of a liquid. The maid submerged her mistress under the surface of the water for a moment and brought her up and dried her off. They submerged themselves under the surface of the water and had a look around.
See also: submerge
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Encouraged by these results, Gur-Arieh designed a third tank that uses a single ring, rather than two half-rings, to submerge the cap.
Floodwaters still continue to submerge villages in Calumpit, Hagonoy, Pulilan, and Paombong in Bulacan even though the recent typhoon "Lando" (now a low pressure area) is currently not bringing rains over the province.
The downpour has caused the Welang River to overflow and submerge the Tambakrejo road at Kraton, up to one meter deep.
Enlisting the help of 64 volunteers, each participant was asked to submerge their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as possible while repeating a swear word of their choice.
Initial trials have indicated that between 40-75% of molten metal weight/cu ft is required to continually submerge the column of scrap into the molten metal.
The River Yamuna is threatening to submerge more villages in the region.
The government hasn't issued any insurance to us so what will we do if our rickshaws submerge in the water," said Guddu, a rickshaw puller.
Blanch turnip greens, then submerge in ice water and drain.