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subjugate to (someone or something)

1. To conquer someone according to the whims or dominion of someone else, especially through the use of military force. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to." Soldiers have spread throughout the country, subjugating the people to the self-proclaimed emperor.
2. To have something be subject to or under the dominion of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to"; often used in passive constructions. Everyone's generosity and magnanimity are inevitably subjugated to their own demands of survival and self-preservation. You cannot subjugate people's religious faith to the demands of the government.
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subjugate someone to someone

to suppress someone in someone else's favor. The army sought to subjugate everyone to the king.
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The scholar maintains that this simile is a reflection of how Homeric characters "would know very well how such terrified girls and mothers looked and behaved in their efforts to elude capture, for the direct experience was theirs, either as the subjugators or the subjugated.
The Iberian macho, a stereotypical representation of Spanish men that has dominated the cultural imagination, and which portrays Spanish men as strong, powerful, and subjugators of women, has also been revised in cinematic representations.
She demonstrates how the participation of African soldiers--tirailleurs senegalais--in the repression of the Malagasy insurrection in 1947 left them in a liminal place, suspended between the subjugators and the subjugated.
(13) It is an amazingly intimate account of the imprisonment of the young monarch and the power she had to captivate her subjugators. The queen is the champion of her people and her God; Will Douglass, the illegitimate son of her captor, is the queen's defender.
One of its most lasting and corrosive political impacts may have been a toleration of subjugation, which was accepted by all races, the subjugated and the subjugators. Cuba having had slavery till the 1800s, the folk memory of an institution that lasted for centuries can reach across the generations.
Hosni's loss was a victory to Egyptians whose human and civil rights have been trampled for almost three decades and who didn't want to see their subjugators being rewarded with the prestigious appointment, they said.
she must parrot the superiority of her subjugators.' (23)
The monarchs were "subjugators of the Muhammedan sect and destroyers of the heretical obstinacy." (11) In death the rulers were honored for the most militant of their religious policies.
The subjugated suddenly become the subjugators, never to be put in the reverse situation again.
Puck represents English history as a succession of invasions in which aggressors are either repelled or assimilated in such a way that would-be subjugators paradoxically become "subjugated" themselves.
With her subjugators' sexual exploitation of her framed in patriarchal and imperialist terms as "compliance," her transformation from victim to active collaborator was complete.
Point two is an inescapable truth and the nations who have done so have invariably spawned legitimate resistance movements to overthrow the subjugators. The Mutiny, or India's First War of Independence as Indians call it, is an excellent example.
Imperialism failed by the middle of the twentieth century, not only because subjugated peoples rejected it, but also because a democratic moral sensibility came to affect the subjugators.