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subjugate to (someone or something)

1. To conquer someone according to the whims or dominion of someone else, especially through the use of military force. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to." Soldiers have spread throughout the country, subjugating the people to the self-proclaimed emperor.
2. To have something be subject to or under the dominion of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to"; often used in passive constructions. Everyone's generosity and magnanimity are inevitably subjugated to their own demands of survival and self-preservation. You cannot subjugate people's religious faith to the demands of the government.
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subjugate someone to someone

to suppress someone in someone else's favor. The army sought to subjugate everyone to the king.
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Ironically, terrorism as a method of subjugating one's enemies is always ineffective, because it strengthens their resolve to fight back.
However necessary such proxy battles may have been, they inevitably took a toll on traditional American identity by subjugating the individual to the state.
After they lost their foothold in the Holy Land, the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II assigned them the task of subjugating the pagans of Eastern Europe, among them a Baltic tribe known as Prussians.
Coupled with the introduction of European diseases, subjugating the natives was a fairly easy enterprise.
Mr Rogers, of Yardley Wood, said that by subjugating Britain to Europe, Mr Blair was breaching the 1848 Treason and Felony Act and threatening the position of the Queen as head of state.
Masculinist and feminist, respectively, they address issues of power and the violent and subjugating impulses that underlie and propagate sociocultural archetypes.
Her formulation of the central thrust of Kincaid's essay is that "tourism is a modern version of colonialism; it is domination's new, lucrative face." From this perspective, virtualiy every aspect of residual British influence is pronounced corrupt, even the schools and libraries and hospitals that were left behind, all of which are in some dimension malevolent institutions, intent on subjugating and diminishing the indigenous people of color.
Towards the end of the nineteenth century, William Morris announced with some pride that 'Men urged by their necessities and desires have laboured for many thousands of years at the task of subjugating the forces of Nature ...
It is equally "romantic" to think that Israel can succeed in subjugating the Palestinian Arabs indefinitely or that the Palestinian Arabs will go away.