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subjugate to (someone or something)

1. To conquer someone according to the whims or dominion of someone else, especially through the use of military force. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to." Soldiers have spread throughout the country, subjugating the people to the self-proclaimed emperor.
2. To have something be subject to or under the dominion of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "subjugate" and "to"; often used in passive constructions. Everyone's generosity and magnanimity are inevitably subjugated to their own demands of survival and self-preservation. You cannot subjugate people's religious faith to the demands of the government.
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subjugate someone to someone

to suppress someone in someone else's favor. The army sought to subjugate everyone to the king.
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Harris then brought up the issue of women in Islam, noting that some see Islam as a religion that subjugates women.
Donaldo Macedo argues that white 'Freirean' teachers and others who promote a radical leftist stance also subjugate their bicultural/bilingual students by supposedly giving them voice as long as the discourse is controlled by the colonizer.
looking to craft the next chapter of human history in its own image." That is the central point only if we accept that failure to militarize our society will enable Al Qaeda to subjugate us with their occasional anonymous blast.
All the while, city officials and some business leaders have tried to subdue and subjugate the former high school wrestler.
And all this is in the name of fundamentalist dogmatism, behind which lurks the age-old paternalistic drive to dominate, subjugate, oppress, downgrade, and silence women.
(To this, the feminist analysis adds that men use violence as a deliberate strategy to subjugate women.) The proper response to the problem, we ate told, is to lock up and perhaps re-educate violent men while helping women get out of violent relationships.
Richard McCabe starkly defines the contradictions behind England's efforts to subjugate its first colony: "The act of suppression was regarded as an act of 'charity,' an attitude which eventually gave rise to the claim that the Irish were 'beholding to God for being conquered" (19).
The British Education Act of 1870 made primary education available to all, but Victorian school buildings took their cue from bleak, authoritarian models such as prisons or barracks that could be economically produced to process and subjugate the newly educated masses.
He is seen by the radical Left as the vanguard of an invasion of hateful Europeans who in their greed and racism couldn't wait to wipe out or subjugate the noble savages of the New World.
l IT is increasingly obvious that the written law authorises those in power to subjugate people and lay claim to land and property they have taken by cunning and or force from others.
The militants wanted to threat and taunt the government but they cannot subjugate the government because government is not afraid of their coward terror activities.
The Spaniards tried to subjugate the Mayas throughout the 15th century, but the conquest was not complete until the fall of Tayasal, the last Maya stronghold, in 1697.
His Administration has shown it is willing and eager to do business, no matter how Chinese leaders repress religious expression and free speech, round up protesters, jail human-rights workers who have the temerity to document the dead at Tiananmen Square, persecute labor organizers, force women to have abortions against their will, torture Prisoners behind bars, subjugate Tibet--the list goes on and on.
The JKHRC Chief underlined that since 1989 Indian occupation forces have raped and molested thousands of women to subjugate them.
No invader could subjugate Punjab without first subjugating the Pathans or Sindhis or Hindustanis.