subject (one) to (someone or something)

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subject (one) to (someone or something)

To force one to tolerate, endure, or deal with someone or something. I'm sorry for subjecting you to my dad's political rant. He can't talk about anything else at dinner. They subjected the prisoner to all sorts of physical and mental torture to extract information from him.
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subject someone or something to something

to cause someone to endure someone or something. I didn't mean to subject you to Uncle Harry. I am sorry I have to subject you to all this questioning.
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subject to something

likely to have something, such as a physical disorder, The sick man was subject to dizzy spells. I am subject to frequent headaches.
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subject to

To cause someone to undergo or experience something: The commander subjected the troops to daily inspections. The oil platform was subjected to extreme weather.
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He attacked the girls, aged three to five, between 1982 and 1995, subjecting one to a 17-hour ordeal and washing another afterwards in the hope of covering his tracks.
A FOUL-mouthed pensioner who reversed his car at two police officers before subjecting one to a barrage of racial abuse has been placed on supervision for two years.
TWO men "simultaneously raped two teenage schoolgirls" before subjecting one to a drunken "threesome," a jury heard yesterday.
TWO army instructors who made nine women recruits parade in nighties before subjecting one to an indecent assault were jailed yesterday.