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on a (subject or activity) kick

Experiencing a particularly intense and constant enthusiasm for some subject or activity. Jim's been on a real cycling kick ever since he bought that new bike. I'm on a bit of a politics kick at the moment, but I reckon it will die down once the election season is over.
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change the subject

To introduce a different topic of discussion, usually intentionally. I changed the subject after that last remark made Jeff and Bill visibly tense. Don't try to change the subject—I know one of you kids dented my car!
See also: change, subject

drop the subject

Stop discussing this topic at once. Yes, I was late today—can we just drop the subject now? I don't want to talk about my ex anymore! Drop the subject!
See also: drop, subject

subject to (something)

Susceptible to something beforehand; likely or inclined to experience something. During your stay at this institution, your room will be subject to weekly inspections. We're subject to a yearly audit by an accounting firm that specializes in overseas tax law.
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subject (one) to (someone or something)

To force someone to tolerate, endure, or deal with someone or something. I'm sorry for subjecting you to my dad's political rant; he can't talk about anything else at dinner. The government subjected the prisoner to all sorts of physical and mental torture to extract information from him.
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change the subject

to begin talking about something different. They changed the subject suddenly when the person whom they had been discussing entered the room. We'll change the subject if we are embarrassing you.
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Drop the subject!

 and Drop it!
Fig. Do not discuss it further! Bill: Sally, you're gaining a little weight. I thought you were on a diet. Sally: That's enough! Drop the subject! Bill: That house is a mess. I wonder who lives there. Mary: That's my aunt's house. Just what did you want to know about it? Bill: Oh, drop it! Sorry I asked.
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off the subject

not concerned with the subject being discussed. I got off the subject and forgot what I was supposed to be talking about. The speaker was off the subject, telling about his vacation in Hawaii.
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subject someone or something to something

to cause someone to endure someone or something. I didn't mean to subject you to Uncle Harry. I am sorry I have to subject you to all this questioning.
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subject to something

likely to have something, such as a physical disorder, The sick man was subject to dizzy spells. I am subject to frequent headaches.
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change the subject

Deliberately talk about another topic, as in If someone asks you an embarrassing question, just change the subject. This term uses subject in the sense of "a topic of conversation," a usage dating from the late 1500s.
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subject to, be

1. Be under the control or authority of, as in All citizens in this nation are subject to the law. [First half of 1300s]
2. Be prone or disposed to, as in This child has always been subject to colds. [Late 1300s]
3. Be likely to incur or receive, as in This memo is subject to misinterpretation. [Late 1300s]
4. Depend on, be likely to be affected by, as in Our vacation plans are subject to the boss's whims. [Early 1800s]
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change the ˈsubject

start to talk about something different, especially because what was being discussed was embarrassing or difficult to talk about: I don’t like talking about the war. Can’t we change the subject?
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subject to

To cause someone to undergo or experience something: The commander subjected the troops to daily inspections. The oil platform was subjected to extreme weather.
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Minnesota(49) held that a foreign corporation could be subjected to a tax on net income on the basis of its having actively solicited business within the taxing state, even though those activities were exclusively undertaken in furtherance of interstate commerce.
As an umbrella category, the "property" cases encompass instances where foreign corporations have been subjected to tax on the basis of having property located within the taxing state.
61) The importance of American Refrigerator Transit lies not only in the court's lenient approach toward the assertion of state tax jurisdiction, but also in the general affirmation of the principle that a foreign corporation may be subjected to taxation by a state on the basis of property over which the corporation has exhibited little or no control.
Such a dual approach was utilized in American Refrigerator Transit and will most likely continue to be utilized in jurisdictions where market exploitation is recognized as a viable theory under which foreign corporations can be subjected to tax.
Therefore, under these circumstances, this hypothetical business could be subjected to multistate sales, use and/or income taxation solely or partly as a result of its use of the Internet.
The expenses included in this account may then be fully subjected to the percentage limitation of Sec.