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subdivide into (something)

1. To contain several smaller parts, sections, or subcategories. There is one massive parent company running the whole operation that then subdivides into smaller subsidiaries responsible for various different kinds of businesses. Most people know what a noun is, but not everyone knows that the term subdivides into a bunch of different types of nouns, such as common nouns, proper nouns, concrete nouns, and so on.
2. To divide something down into smaller parts, sections, or subcategories. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "subdivide" and "into." The easiest way to calculate the area of these complicated shapes is to subdivide them into smaller, simpler shapes and add up the totals of all their areas. I think we should subdivide the project into sections that the different teams can work on separately.
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subdivide something into something

to divide something into parts. They subdivided the land into several valuable parcels. Sam tried to subdivide his large lot into three smaller lots, but the zoning commission wouldn't let him do it.
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The S corp then develops and subdivides the land, obtains government entitlements, and constructs improvements and condominiums.
Revelations like these should make Subdivide and Conquer the anti-sprawl activist's favorite documentary.
These feedblock modules subdivide and recombine the melt streams in exponentially increasing numbers of layers.
We can subdivide the property into distribution, warehouse and light industrial spaces ranging from 30,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet," said Chuck Fern Of Lee & Klatskin.
Assume a taxpayer had entered into an arrangement with a real estate broker under which the broker was to find property suitable for subdividing and resale, the taxpayer advanced the money to purchase the property, and the broker did all the work necessary to subdivide and sell the property to home builders.
What Craigie adds is an alchemical absurdity that signifies the energy and entropy of the creative process and the systems with which we rationalize and subdivide it.
In this case, a partnership was allowed to subdivide the land and obtain capital gains on most of the profit.
NSF will instead subdivide the master list into its 35 research divisions, which means that reviewing even its smallest files may require scanning thousands of names.
This is an ideal opportunity for an investor looking for a large amount of developable land, either for commercial, or for residential space with the potential to subdivide," stated Chippendale.