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slang To move or behave in an ostentatious or showy manner; to show off. Tommy keeps styling around town in his new convertible.


Having an exceptionally chic, trendy, or fashionable appearance or style. Often shortened as "stylin'." She showed up to school in some stylin' new boots. I only buy clothes that are comfortable and functional. I have no interest in being styling.
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n. looking good; showing off how good one looks. Dave thinks that stylin’ is his sole occupation.
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Once past the intro, each chapter examines a specific time period and has the same format: a timeline of events, research and history of female and male hairstyles, and detailed styling instructions for at least one style from that era.
While this is understandable, since the modern era is riddled with men having short hair or similar period styling, it would have been nice to see at least one more male wig or model.
Lastly, the hair styling market has concentrated on the youth vote for some time, with new formats and brands with funky graphics and energetic advertising that plays on hair styling's connection with youth-orientated activities.
FIORES-II algorithms and applications can help designers every-where--wherever styling is important, and especially where styling is part of a brand name.
In the hair styling market, manufacturers frequently re-launch and extend their lines to sustain consumer interest.
cotton shawls and her grandfather's pocket watch--take their cue from 19th century styling. In true nostalgic form, she wears the timepiece inside her pants pocket and hooks the chain onto the buttonhole of her jacket.
Rise in trend in fashion industry along with ageing population that is now more conscious to look good and appear young has stirred up the demand for hair styling products.
"Often the styles you like are just a basic, traditional haircut with some products and fabulous styling techniques.
The violent foppishness of Britain's youth stylings has long excited worldwide comment, whether in the American reaction to the Beatles' hairstyles in 1964, or in Japan's current fascination with the precise, simultaneous excavation of every youth fashion since World War II.