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But I suppose you would argue that such a style is unsuitable to our State, in which human nature is not twofold or manifold, for one man plays one part only?
Present study endeavors to explore the 10th grade secondary schools English teachers' teaching styles and learning styles of their students and examine the potential relationship between teaching learning style match with student's academic achievement as shown by their last secondary school board's results.
The learning style of the students was assessed using Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Styles Scale.
The present study aimed at discerning the relationship between conflict management and decision making styles in the college principals.
In the past few weeks, One Direction's Harry Styles couldn't take his eyes off from Reality Star Kendall Jenner.
The aim of the current study was investigating the relationship between attachment styles with function of thinking styles of high school girl students in Hamadan.
I-Speak Your Language,[R] A Survey of Personal Styles was administered to 57 recent graduates of a dental hygiene program to determine each student's favored primary personal style, and group profile based on 4 major personal styles.
Style: Includes an annual Nutcracker season, full length ballets, mixed-repertoire evenings including choreography from George Balanchine, Christopher Bruce, Trey Mclntyre, Mark Godden, Lila York and Bruce Wells; many styles from classical to modern.
Cultural orientations also relate to organizational commitment (Abraham, 1997), participative decision-making (Sagie & Aycan, 2003), and conflict styles (Oetzel & Ting-Toomey, 2003).
That's because Hull, a middle school language arts and social studies teacher, grouped her students by learning styles.
I encourage people to look for their own styles but please don't let it drive you crazy
95): it narrows the focus to whites have have been fascinated with the performances and styles of Afro-Americans over the centuries, and provides chapters of social history and music culture which argues that no form of American music is ethnically pure, but represents variations and changes on the musical competition between blacks and whites in this country.
Company-specific CBR-trained libraries of styles will be possible.
Some styles are great, but if your hair is too thin or curly it may require too much work to maintain," says Brett.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effective learning styles of rural elementary African American males and to identify instructional strategies that could promote their academic success.