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slang To move or behave in an ostentatious or showy manner; to show off. Tommy keeps styling around town in his new convertible.


Having an exceptionally chic, trendy, or fashionable appearance or style. Often shortened as "stylin'." She showed up to school in some stylin' new boots. I only buy clothes that are comfortable and functional. I have no interest in being styling.
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in. to show off; to strut around. (see also strut one’s stuff.) Why don’t you style over here and meet my man?


n. looking good; showing off how good one looks. Dave thinks that stylin’ is his sole occupation.
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Much emphasis is given to the research on learning styles and its benefits in designing courseware but what is the effect on the students after the knowledge of learning style is under-theorized.
VARK Questionnaire version 7.0 to assess learning style was floated to two hundred and sixty (260), participants who consented to participate in the study during their regular classes with the consent of the teachers (about 1/3rd of the total population).
The student, who prefers this type of learning style, learns well by seeing words on charts, books, blackboard, etc.
Scores in the learning style inventory fall into any one of the three categories, Major, Minor and Negligible.
Long sleeve senator style will require a cufflink pair.
The cap that works best with the senator style contrasts with the colour of the material.
(2002) describe that leadership style is a pattern of interactions between leaders and followers in which leaders motivate, control or direct the subordinate to follow their instructions.
Whereas, in the democratic style subordinates and individuals are consulted in decision making and in formulating organizational policies.
Authoritarian style is manifested by patterns of less warmth, harsh behavior of discipline, and no uniformity.
Review showed that authoritative parenting style has strong positive correlation with academic performance than rest of parenting styles.
Rational style involves a three-step sequence including identifying the problem and generating possible alternative solutions, ranking the alternatives and selecting a most suitable solution, and implementing and evaluating the solution by ensuring optimal choices.15
Rational and intuitive styles are positively associated whereas dependent and avoidant styles are negatively related to self-esteem.1,7 Thunholm8 found that self-esteem and its facets are positively connected with rational and intuitive decision-making style and negatively related to dependent, avoidant and spontaneous style.
One Direction member Harry Styles is reportedly off the market, since he's now dating a chef and blogger from the United Kingdom named Tess Ward.
Grasha and Riechmann's of Learning Style scale (GRLSS) is one of the diverse instruments that are amassed especially for understudies in educational institutions (Hruska-Riechmann and Grasha, 1982).
One of the major problems in distance education is for instructors' to adapt the adult learners' learning style. Wang1 argued that to maximize academic achievement of adult learners, the educators must strive to provide a learner-centred and accommodative learners' learning style education.