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as (something) as they come

Said of someone or something that displays a trait or characteristic to the utmost degree. Bryce is as talented as they come. Once you see him on stage, you'll agree. These strawberries are as fresh as they come. They were literally just picked!
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ask a stupid question and you'll get a stupid answer

If one asks a strange or nonsensical question, the listener will probably respond with a similarly strange or nonsensical answer. A: "What the heck are you talking about? All I did was ask if you think I should dress my cat up for Halloween!" B: "Well, ask a stupid question and you'll get a stupid answer!"
See also: and, answer, ask, get, question, stupid

get stupid drunk

slang To become extremely intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You guys really got stupid drunk.
See also: drunk, get, stupid

hit by/with the stupid stick

slang Struck with this fictional item, resulting in one behaving stupidly (in the speaker's view). A humorous hyperbolic expression. Why the heck would you come out in the snow with no shoes on? Were you hit with the stupid stick?
See also: by, hit, stick, stupid

How (something) can you be?

A rhetorical question used to indicate that someone or something shows an extraordinary amount of some negative characteristic or trait. Now the banks are talking about selling off people's mortgages to vulture funds to make a quick buck. How greedy can you be? My roommate turned off the house's hot water heater over the winter break because he thought it would save energy, but all the pipes burst and the entire house flooded. Man, how dumb can you be?
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How (something) can you get?

A rhetorical question used to indicate that someone or something shows an extraordinary amount of some negative characteristic or trait. Now the banks are talking about selling off people's mortgages to vulture funds to make a quick buck. How greedy can you get? My roommate turned off the house's hot water heater over the winter break because he thought it would save energy, but all the pipes burst and the entire house flooded. Man, how dumb can you get?
See also: can, how

How (something) is that?

That is very (something). Adjectives commonly used in this construction include "strange," "cool," and "awesome," among others. Did you know that hummingbirds can fly backwards? How cool is that? A: "Frank spent prom night home alone playing video games. How sad is that?" B: "Actually, that sounds pretty great."
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of all the

Used to express great annoyance, exasperation, impatience, or frustration with someone or something. You put diesel fuel into the car? Of all the stupid, careless things to do—now the car is ruined! Of all the nerve, implying that I'm somehow to blame for the project's failure!
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so (something) it isn't true

Someone or something has so much of a particular characteristic or quality that it is hard to believe. Don't believe a word he says; that politician is so corrupt it isn't true!
See also: true

stuck on stupid

slang Acting stupidly, especially habitually. I must be stuck on stupid today. I made some ridiculous math mistakes earlier at work, and now I'm pulling on a door that is clearly marked "Push." Are you stuck on stupid? You can't ask him a personal question like that!
See also: on, stuck, stupid

stupid fresh

slang Exceptionally and refreshingly cool, trendy, or fashionable. We all thought those kinds of jeans were stupid fresh back in 2002, but they look downright silly now. He's making a name for himself in the hip-hop scene, laying down some stupid fresh beats and rhymes.
See also: fresh, stupid

stupid is as stupid does

One's actions indicate one's level of stupidity (or intelligence). The phrase was popularized by the film Forrest Gump. Of course that fool backed his car into own house! Stupid is as stupid does! Stupid is as stupid does, so judge her on her actions, not your first impression.
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1. rude slang Extremely and irritatingly stupid or foolish. Used before a noun. I really wish you'd give it a rest with those stupid-ass comments. You wouldn't have to ask if you just read the book like everyone else! I just don't see why everyone likes this movie. It's visuals are dull, the characters are all one-dimensional, and it has a stupid-ass plot that goes nowhere!
2. rude slang Very annoying, aggravating, or infuriating. Used before a noun. Oh, for God's sake—this stupid-ass computer crashed on me again! I'm so sick of this stupid-ass class! I just want to be done with it already!

there is no such thing as a stupid question

Any question you might have is valid and worth asking, no matter how simple or stupid it may seem to you or other people. Please remember that everyone in this room has varying levels of familiarity with the subject matter, so what may seem basic to you might be very confusing to someone else. There's no such thing as a stupid question in this class, OK? Please don't be shy if you need help with something. There's no such thing as a stupid question.
See also: no, question, stupid, such, there, thing
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ask a stupid question and you'll get a stupid answer

Also, ask a silly question. Your query doesn't deserve a proper answer, as in Am I hungry? ask a stupid question! One authority believes this idiom is a variant of ask me no questions and I'll tell you no fibs, which appeared in Oliver Goldsmith's play She Stoops to Conquer (1773) and was frequently repeated thereafter. [Early 1800s]
See also: and, answer, ask, get, question, stupid
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of ˌall the ˈcheek, ˈnerve, stupid things to ˈdo, etc.!

(informal) used to express annoyance, impatience, etc. at what another person has done or said: Of all the idiots, leaving his car unlocked in the middle of town!
This expression is often used without a noun, especially to show that somebody is annoyed: She said I was fat? Well, of all the ...!
See also: all, of, stupid, thing

as ˌclever, ˌstupid, etc. as they ˈcome

very clever, stupid, etc: He’s just about as mean as they come. He wouldn’t even lend me a couple of dollars!
See also: come

how selfish, stupid, ungrateful, etc. can you ˈget?

(spoken) used to express surprise or disapproval that somebody has been so selfish, stupid, etc: I can’t believe he didn’t even say thank you. How ungrateful can you get?
See also: can, how

so ˌbad, ˌstupid, etc. it isn’t ˈtrue

(informal) used to emphasize that somebody/something is very bad, stupid, etc: His brother is so lazy it isn’t true!
See also: true
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and stupid-ass
1. mod. stupid; dumb. (Usually derogatory.) That was a real dumb-ass thing to do. That is so stupid-ass!
2. n. a stupid person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a dumb-ass! You know what I mean!



get stupid

in. to become intoxicated; to make oneself alcohol or drug intoxicated. It’s been one totally screwed up week. I think I’ll just stay home tonight and get stupid.
See also: get, stupid

hit by the stupid stick

mod. made to act really stupid. Nobody can be that dumb. You must have been hit by the stupid stick.
See also: by, hit, stick, stupid


mod. drunk. (see also get stupid.) These kids are so stupid they can’t see straight. They’re all going to be sick.

stupid fresh

mod. very, very good. (see also fresh, funky fresh.) Her looks were stupid fresh. Bonus!
See also: fresh, stupid

There’s no such thing as a stupid question

sent. & comp. abb. Go ahead and ask your question without referring to it as stupid. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. But keep trying, you’re getting close.
See also: no, question, stupid, such, thing
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ask a silly/stupid question (and you'll get a silly/stupid answer)

A response to an unsatisfying answer or to one that is a put-down. Eric Partridge believed this nineteenth-century retort evolved from the proverb ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies, but the two clichés are not identical.
See also: ask, get, question, silly, stupid

it's the economy, stupid

Failing to address economic problems. The phrase was invented by Bill Clinton’s strategist, James Carville, during Clinton’s 1992 campaign for the presidency. Carville suggested Clinton was a better choice for president than George H. W. Bush because Bush had failed to do anything about a recent recession. It hung as a sign on Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. The New York Times writer and Nobel Prize–winning economist Paul Krugman used it: “What political scientists . . . tell us is that it really is the economy, stupid” (July 18, 2010). The term not only was repeated enough to become a cliché but gave rise to similar locutions for blame, such as “it’s the voters, stupid” or “it’s the oil spill, stupid.”
See also: stupid
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"Kasi baka nga p*** i** magalit na rin ang Diyos, sabihin niya stupid (Because God might just get angry because I called him stupid).
This was followed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley taking a dig at UPA's 'legacy of higher indirect tax on most items', and terming Congress President's idea of the single slab as 'stupid'.
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While that is indeed a stupid regulation-and an illegal one at that--Mr.
I am aghast that a message has not been sent to the perpetrators of this stupid and needless behaviour in the hope that this stupid practice must not carry on into the future, with the potential to destroy other young lives.
In a speech in Davao City last week, Duterte questioned the creation story in the Bible and said God must have been stupid for allowing temptation to destroy His work.
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"Clean Up on Aisle Stupid" is the latest collection of the Get Fuzzy newspaper comic strips and continues the hilarious antics of a cat, a dog, and their long suffering master.
One of the most common breaches, one of the things that tends to give us pause more than anything else, is something - or some things, really - that we like to call stupid.
OUTSPOKEN Irish pundit Neil Francis has admitted his 'tub of Flora' barb thrown at Warren Gatland was "stupid".