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pull a stunt (on someone)

To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a stunt on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a stunt on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned scientific journal for more than a week before its author revealed that he had pulled a stunt when he decided to submit it.
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pull a stunt (on someone)

 and pull a trick (on someone)
to deceive someone; to play a trick on someone. Let's pull a trick on the teacher. Don't you dare pull a stunt like that!
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mod. well dressed. Mooshoo is iced out and stunting!
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Last year in California, more than 10 high schools also participated in the STUNT Season and in the California State Championship, and more than 45 teams have already signed up for the 2016 STUNT season.
Other days I am lucky enough to stunt drive for films and TV, so those days I'm generally away, but I have a great team I can rely on when I am.
Armstrong has designed the stunts sequences for Hollywood films including "The Amazing Spiderman 2".
6 TVM ( Television Viewership in Millions) has been keeping the audience glued to TV sets with the prominent showbiz faces performing deadly stunts.
This stunt game has had a negative impact on the youngsters who consider these drifting drivers as role models and also try to emulate their stunts.
Blaine's last stunt was hanging upside down without a net high over New York's Central Park for 60 hours in 2008.
BAT'S LIFE: Christian Bale will tackle Tom Hardy, above, as Bane in the new film but Bane's stunts will be performed by Buster (right)
There are no official training schemes, although some private 'stunt schools' offer short courses in stage combat, working with fire and stunt driving.
bTV said the incident with the stunt performers has been confirmed by the authorities, with unofficial reports saying the movie for which the stunts were performed is "The Expendables 2"
The budgets are bigger, the stunts are more dangerous and the sexual chemistry is more explosive.
The workshop will focus on 'film combat' and will be an opportunity for the students in the country to get behind-thescene training on daredevil stunts.
The Doha Film Institute (DFI) is hosting a week-long training workshop for students and filmmakers on directing and performing high-end stunts, a spokesperson said yesterday.
AWARD-winning actor Liam Neeson won't do his own stunts, it has been revealed.
DAREDEVIL stunts and monster truck smash-ups brought some adrenalin-fuelled family fun to Tyneside.