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pull a stunt (on someone)

To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a stunt on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a stunt on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned scientific journal for more than a week before its author revealed that he had pulled a stunt.
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stunt casting

Casting someone in a surprising or unexpected role, typically to boost interest in the movie or show. I know that having Britney Spears play Stella's receptionist on How I Met Your Mother was totally stunt casting, but I loved it!
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pull a stunt (on someone)

 and pull a trick (on someone)
to deceive someone; to play a trick on someone. Let's pull a trick on the teacher. Don't you dare pull a stunt like that!
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mod. well dressed. Mooshoo is iced out and stunting!
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Meanwhile, we have about the same proportion of stunted schoolchildren beyond 5 years old already in our elementary and high schools since at least the 1990s.
The Programme Officer also stated that every 1 in 2 children are stunted in the North-East and North-West zones of the country while only about 1 in 5 children are stunted in the Southern part of the country.
"Whether there is a biological link between obese mothers and their stunted children from birth is not known, and our study does not address this question," explains Dr Aitsi-Selmi.
59% of Afghanistan's children were found to have a stunted growth rate, followed closely by 58% of the children in Yemen.
Stunted children have a seven-month delay in starting school.
'I am sad to disclose that such a big number of children across the Punjab were found as stunted,' she regretted.
We used separate binomial logistic regression models (with the number stunted being calculated using prevalence and sample size from the survey data for stunting) to derive estimates for the prevalence of moderate stunting or severe stunting, respectively.
Basic knowledge about stunted growth and being underweight can help alleviate these problems for future generations.
Stunted children of today are likely to be low performing and underproductive labour force of tomorrow.
The municipality of Patnongon ranked first in the number of stunted and severely stunted children recorded at 24.90 percent or 1,138 children in year 2015; followed by Laua-an with 888 stunted and severely stunted children or 24.43 percent; and Hamtic ranked third with 1,389 stunted and severely stunted children.
MULTAN: Lack of proper awareness, campaigning and counselling among masses is main reason of stunted growth (short height) in the backward region of south Punjab.
ISLAMABAD -- India holds almost a third of the world's burden for stunting with 46.6 million stunted children, the Global Nutrition Report 2018 said.
ISLAMABAD -- There are 10.7 million stunted children in Pakistan and South Asia is home to 38.9pc of the world's stunted children, the Global Nutrition Report, 2018 which was published on Thursday says.
'Every second child is stunted and if there is one complete 'stunted' generation, it does not only have an impact on the upcoming generations but on the economy as well,' said Iqbal Khan, the coordinator for the Planning and Development cell for Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN).
In a 2013 report by the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), the Philippines actually ranked ninth among 80 countries with the largest number of stunted children.