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pull a stunt (on someone)

To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a stunt on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a stunt on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned scientific journal for more than a week before its author revealed that he had pulled a stunt.
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stunt casting

Casting someone in a surprising or unexpected role, typically to boost interest in the movie or show. I know that having Britney Spears play Stella's receptionist on "How I Met Your Mother" was totally stunt casting, but I loved it!
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pull a stunt (on someone)

 and pull a trick (on someone)
to deceive someone; to play a trick on someone. Let's pull a trick on the teacher. Don't you dare pull a stunt like that!
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mod. well dressed. Mooshoo is iced out and stunting!
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She did the research to start a career in stunt work, and booked jobs for the aforementioned movies by pounding the pavement and making herself known in the stunt world.
These stunt drivers have even given dramatic terms to their acts.
Mr Stunt, who has three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, has been around the world five times and collected police badges from the places he visited.
Now living in California, Buster began his stunt career through the use of his expert martial arts skills.
Many Wolves fans are infuriated by the plan, but some have applauded the stunt.
A foreigner who performed stunts during the filming of the sequel to hit Hollywood action "The Expendables" has died on set in Bulgaria, according to still unconfirmed information.
The programme includes introductory sessions on the evolution and range of stunts, safety and teamwork, basic acrobatics, film combat using camera angles, wire work stunts and high falls, fight scenes using strung wires, street fighting and film combat using weapons.
Time is against the team as they only have two nights to get the stunt right, as the cast and crew have continuous filming schedules for the nightly soap.
"If we need another member, we look around the sport circles," says the president of the stunt man association, Roman Morozov, "There was only one case when a guy came to us and said he wanted to join us.
Other Stunt Rider Roman Dirin Said, Acrobatic mean was Aanot speed but acrobatic mean low speed and balance.
Shown four times a day and starting at 6pm between November 12, 2008 and January 10, 2009, 'Beach Adrenaline' consists of a storyline combined with perfectly choreographed stunts. The team includes Tom Meany - a World Cup Freestyle Champion in 1995 and a stunt veteran; Tony Sleeman - the1200cc World Champion in Stock Class; Gil Beaurnier - the first-ever to do the Double Back Flip stunt and ranked third in the 2007 World Championship Free Rider Competition; Julien Herpsont - ranked fifth in the France National Free Rider Championship; Brad Prust - a free ride master; and Amelie Sinapin - race car driver and member of the show for the past two years.
Cameron created the best stunt of the day sending cars looping around circuits before hurtling through the air into a traffic cone.
The 23-year-old was filming a mock hanging as a stunt when he was unintentionally hung from the rope he had placed around his neck.
The ability to stunt and play zone allows the defense to pressure the quarterback and enjoy the benefits of zone coverage, i.e.